‘General Hospital’ RUMOR: Ingo Rademacher Bringing Jax Back To GH Full Time?

'General Hospital' RUMOR: Ingo Rademacher Bringing Jax Back To GH Full Time?‘General Hospital’ spoilers include a rumor that a certain Australian could be back in Port Charles permanently. Ingo Rademacher recently shared that the Rademacher family has moved from Hawaii to Los Angeles. Does this mean Jax Jacks is back?

The last time ‘GH’ viewers saw Jax was at Thanksgiving. Josslyn Jacks {Eden McCoy] asked dad to stay for Christmas but he couldn’t. Lady Jane Jacks was gravely ill and Jax needed to be with his mother. On December 27, 2016, Lady Jane’s portrayer Barbara Tarbuck passed away at the age of 74.

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Josslyn spent the holidays with Jax in Australia and reluctantly returned to Port Charles with Carly Corinthos [Laura Wright]. Josslyn and Carly’s strained relationship certainly opens the door for Jax to return and build a home with Josslyn.

Then there’s a matter of romance. Jax and Carly had a moment when he returned for Morgan Corinthos [Bryan Craig] funeral. Jax comforted his ex-wife, but ultimately urged Carly to repair her crumbling marriage to Sonny Corinthos [Maurice Benard] and put the family back together.

In a short video clip shared on Instagram, Ingo Rademacher briefly explains that the family is moving back to Los Angeles. The actor wrote, “LA bound #movingback #backtoLA.” ‘General Hospital’ fans who follow Ingo asked if the actor had plans to return to ‘GH.’ So far, there’s no official word, just a rumor that Jax will be back in Port Charles.

The rumor is fueled not only by Rademacher’s airport video clip, but by a couple of other recent posts on Instagram. “Catching a few afternoon rays before we arrive to a rainy LA day in a day n a half.”

The accompanying photo is of Rademacher and his wife Ehiku enjoying the last bit of the Hawaiian sunshine. Just weeks ago the couple suffered a devastating loss when Ehiku miscarried the couple’s third child.

‘GH’ spoilers indicating Jax might be back may have begun when Ingo not so subtly hinted that the Rademacher family will call Los Angeles home from now on.

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Shirtless and relaxing with his son, Ingo wrote, “6 weeks of packing/ throwing out 30% off our sh*t doing construction/improvements, landscaping and I’m totally toast. Haven’t had a day off. Los Angles bound Friday ready for a new chapter. #LifeinLA again.”

There you have it! Ingo has moved the Rademacher family back to Los Angeles? How long before Jax is called in as a referee for Josslyn and Carly again? As Sonny takes life on day by day, will Carly turn to Jax for comfort? Does this spell the end of Sonny and Carly and open a new chapter for Carly and Jax?

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  1. Jai says

    It would be great to have Jax back. I hope Nick is coming back too.

  2. ceecee says

    Unless he is going to spill whatever he knows about Nelle then he might as well stay away. Too many characters already!

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