‘General Hospital’ Recap Thursday March 2: Finn’s Secret Exposed – Sam In ICU – Carly Confronts Nelle, Sparks Fly

'General Hospital' Recap Thursday March 2: Finn's Secret Exposed - Sam In ICU - Carly Confronts Nelle, Sparks FlyThe Thursday March 2 episode of General Hospital kicks off with Tracy (Jane Elliott), Hayden (Rebecca Budig) and Dr. Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) arriving at Metro Court for dinner, celebrating the hospital being saved from the developers.

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Tracy senses the tension between Hayden and Finn but tells them “get over you”. “You’re stuck with me”. Hayden is concerned Finn made the decision to sell his drug without legal advice. Finn reassures her everything will be okay.

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Finn excuses himself to make a phone call. Tracy asks Hayden what is really going on between them. Hayden explains Finn took the company jet to Canada to score some Zen Zen as he is now addicted to it. Finn arrives back to the table and suggests making a toast. Tracy says no we’re discussing you and Zen Zen.

Finn’s upset that Hayden told Tracy. Tracy says it doesn’t matter she’s going to help him kick this drug or she’ll make his life a living hell.

Kevin and Laura

Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) opens Laura’s (Genie Francis) car door as she’s waking up. She starts screaming. Kevin explains she’s at the JFK Airport. Laura doesn’t know how she arrived there. She remembers being at the Metro Court, talking to Alexis, a man (Rudge) knocked her purse off the table. She complains of feeling “fuzzy”. She remembers being in the parking garage at General Hospital for a meeting with Tracy and the board. Kevin reassures her board meeting was successful. He feels she’s been drugged and wants to get her to the hospital and contact PCPD. Kevin explains he used a telephone tracking app to find her. Laura realizes she lost several hours of time.

Robin Scorpio and Jason Morgan

Robin (Kimberly McCullough) finds Jason (Billy Miller) shoving Franco (Roger Howarth) against the nurse’s station. Franco decides to walk away from Jason. Jason explains Sam (Kelly Monaco) went into labor and is in surgery right now. Jason informs Robin that Liv (Tonya Walker) is alive, pushed Sam off the foot bridge.

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Sam went into labor, delivering Scout outside. Scout seems to be doing fairly well. Liz walks up to let Jason know that Scout is going to be fine however Sam is hemorrhaging and she’s in surgery. Robin tells Jason let’s go upstairs and wait in the surgery waiting room. Liz asks Franco to stop by the house to meet Gram and get the boys.

Franco and Jake

Franco at Liz’s house as he tells Jake that Sam had her baby and he has a baby sister now, his Mom and Dad are at the hospital. Jake senses something is wrong. “Sam and the baby aren’t okay are they”? Franco says Sam is really strong woman and she’ll pull through this. Jake tells Franco that he was mean to Sam last year. Franco says that’s okay it’s in the past she’ll be fine. Jake says Sam has a very bad curse put on her by Helena. Helene said bad things would happen to Sam and they are.

Carly and Sonny

Carly (Laura Wright) is yelling at Sonny (Maurice Benard) and saying what hurts worse than anything is knowing he slept with that “slut” Nelle (Chloe Lanier). Sonny reaches to touch Carly but she shouts back “Don’t touch me”. As she opens the door to leave Nelle and Michael are standing in the doorway. Michael asks “what are you doing here? Did something happen”? Carly says yes you could say that. Michael starts to explain how he’s going to Atlanta with Nelle to see her sick friend. Carly asks Nelle if that was her plan all along. Michael is trying to figure out what is going on.

Nelle Hayes

Sonny explains at Thanksgiving he got drunk, Nelle was there and they slept together. Nelle knew exactly what she was doing. Sonny wanted her to keep this a secret, she said she would then she records our conversation. Carly asks if Nelle enjoyed making a fool of herself. Sonny goes on to explain about sending flowers to herself, putting the bra in his bed. Michael tells Nelle she has one chance to explain all of this to him. Carly holding the flash drive as she tells Nelle she listened to the whole conversation. Nelle is offended Carly would go through her trash. Sonny tells Nelle you saw me in a dark place and had a plan to get me in bed with you. Nelle tells Michael he deserves to know the truth.

Nelle tells Michael last night at the cabin you made me feel as if I could be a good person. As she starts to cry, Carly says “oh tears right on time”! “You’re a scheming piece of trash and I wish Joss did not have your cold blood rushing inside her”! Nelle screams at Carly this is all because of her.

Jason Morgan and Robin

Jason tells Robin how he has a partner helping him find who killed Morgan. Robin isn’t going to tell her Mother that Liv is alive. Robin feels Anna has enough going on right now. Liz arrives with more news. Sam is critical and the doctors are doing the best they can at this time. Sam coded but she’s stable. Robin explains Sam’s heart stopped but it’s beating again. Robin encourages Jason to stay strong and have faith. Jason is able to hold Scout. He’s reflecting back on his past year, losing memories, how much he loves Sam, how she has made him a better husband, better Dad. Liz arrives for once last update. Sam is out of surgery but moved to Intensive Care Unit.

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