General Hospital Recap Monday June 5: Griffin And Ava Bond – CarSon Contemplates Avenging Morgan – Nina Rats Out Valentin

General Hospital Spoilers: Monday, June 5 GH Recap

Monday’s June 5 episode of General Hospital begins with Anna (Finola Hughes) at Lulu’s (Emme Rylan) house. Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) arrives home and Lulu tells him that Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) took Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez).

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Anna is concerned about finding Charlotte and isn’t sure where to look. Anna leaves. Lulu feels guilty for telling Valentin that Anna was going to arrest him. She didn’t think that would make him a fugitive.

Lulu wants to go searching but Dante stops her saying they have to do it by the book. Lulu remembers Charlotte has a phone. Lulu calls Charlotte. Charlotte tells her it’s a surprise they’re going on a trip. Valentin walks in and takes the phone. He tells Lulu he’s pretty sure calling Charlotte on the phone is in violation of their custody agreement. He doesn’t want her to contact them again and hangs up. Dante tells Lulu the call wasn’t long enough to trace the location.

Valentin tells Charlotte’s they’re on vacation at Niagara Falls. Charlotte asks where’s Nina (Michelle Stafford) is. Valentin explains that Nina is a little angry with Papa.

Charlotte says it was rude not to say goodbye to Lulu. He suggests they send a postcard. Charlotte leaves the room and Valentin makes a call saying he’s at the Canadian border and needs help. Later Valentin tells Charlotte they’re going to Canada. She leaves the room and a man arrives with two Canadian passports.

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Nina is at Perks thinking of Valentin in the hospital. She calls the hospital to check on his status only to learn Valentin signed himself out. Nathan (Ryan Paevey) arrives and Nina tells him about Valentin leaving the hospital. Anna arrives and tells Nina that Valentin is wanted for selling stolen information.

Nina doesn’t feel Valentin deserves to be arrested. Lulu calls Anna and tells her about the conversation with Charlotte. Anna and Nathan explain that Charlotte thinks they’re on a trip somewhere she always wanted to go. Nina lies and says Bulgaria. Nathan calls her on it. Nina doesn’t want to be the reason Valentin goes to jail. Anna says WSB will send other agents and it’s possible Valentin could be shot in front of Charlotte. Nina finally tells them Niagara Falls.

Liz shows Laura (Genie Francis) the shipping label from the magic kit. Liz’s worried she’s not a good Mom. Liz felt powerless when Jake was on stage holding the canister. Laura reassures Liz she’s a good Mom and she saved everyone. Laura feels Valentin should go to prison for stealing the information.

General Hospital Spoilers: Monday, June 5 GH Recap

Sonny (Maurice Benard) is in Ava’s hospital room. Ava begs Sonny to kill her. Sonny says she should have killed on the island but didn’t because she was pregnant with Avery. Ava feels Sonny has her where he wants so end her misery and kill her. Sonny says the fire did a number on Ava like she did to Morgan switching her pills.

Sonny suggests switching sugar water in place of her Morphine. Sonny whispers to Ava she’s going to live a long painful life. Sonny is holding Ava chart saying he wished he killed years ago. Griffin (Matt Cohen) walks in and tells Sonny he could be arrested for reading Ava’s chart. Sonny tells Griffin about Ava switching Morgan’s pills. Sonny leaves.

Jason (Billy Miller) calls Liz (Rebecca Herbst) to check on Jake (Hudson West). Liz says Jake is sleeping and Jason says call if you need me for anything. Carly (Laura Wright) arrives and tells Jason about Ava (Maura West) switching Morgan’s pills. Sonny wants Ava dead and this time Carly isn’t trying to stop him. Jason suggests Carly stay clear of Ava.

Sonny arrives to Jason’s. Sonny thought having answers to Morgan’s pills would bring peace but it doesn’t. Carly wants Ava dead. Sonny says being alive is Ava’s punishment. Ava is facing a long time of healing. Carly is upset that Ava has a life but Morgan doesn’t. Carly says once again Ava gets away with it. She slams the door on her way out.

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Griffin tells Ava the nerve damage isn’t bad but he can’t increase her pain medicine at this time. The burns are severe and will require many years of surgeries. He offers to talk to her as a Priest instead of a doctor. Faith is a comfort to him. Griffin takes her hand as they pray together.

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