General Hospital POLL: Who is Your Favorite New GH Character? Vote!


General Hospital POLL: Who is Your Favorite New GH Character? Vote!

Over the years General Hospital has given fans a multitude of great characters, men and women alike, whose tumultuous personalities and brilliant escapades have drawn fans in and made them feel like members of the family. Recently, General Hospital has had a slew of male characters join the cast that, more than ever, furthered the intricately woven story lines and made Port Charles an even more fascinating place. Who is your favorite new male character?

Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen)

Dr. Griffin Munro came to Port Charles in 2016, bringing with him a flash of heat and a touch of mystery in terms of who he was and where he had come from. The truth, as it usually does, was finally revealed and it came out that Griffin was in fact, Duke Lavery’s son. That fact drew him close to Duke’s widow, Anna Devane (Finoa Hughes) and like that Dr. Griffin became one of the most intriguing new characters on General Hospital.

Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner)

Curtis Ashford came to town as a direct result of Hayden Barnes. She asked him to help her find out the truth about her shooting and he was more than happy to accommodate. It didn’t take long, however, before Curtis was willing to turn on his former part and threatened to tell Nikolas Cassadine everything. Hayden acquiesced quickly and gave him the money. From there it was a rising tide of entanglements, romantic and professional, that make Curtis Ashford one of the most complicated new characters on General Hospital.

Hamilton Finn (Michael Eastman)

Dr. Hamilton Finn arrived in Port Charles at the request of Dr. Monica Quartermaine in an effort to save her sister-in-law Tracy Quartermaine, who was diagnosed by Finn as having worms in her brain. Finn, is an intriguing character, both a good guy and a bad one, being accused of killing several patients yet doing his best to cure and help people. After surviving a fatal disease himself, Finn’s character found romance with Hayden. It’s Finn’s complicated character that often takes the breath away of his patients, and GH fans, alike.

Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart)

Valentin is the son of Prince Mikkos Cassadine and is rumored to be the most dangerous of the Cassadine clan. He had grown up in a boarding school, battling scoliosis which went untreated for much of his youth giving him a hunchbacked figure. It was not until much later that he received surgery that he became the dashing figure that he is today. Valentin has a very convoluted history with Anna Devane as well, having first met her back in the WSB days. She, in fact, had him placed on the WSB Kill List, a fact he hasn’t yet forgotten, along with the fact that they had one night of passion together. After reinventing himself and becoming a mercenary Valentin found himself back in Port Charles and the heir to the Cassadine fortune. Despite being a tortured soul, Valentin is the bad boy that fans can’t seem to get enough of and who is always good for a plot twist.

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Andre Maddox (Anthony Montgomery)

Dr. Andre Maddox joined General Hospital after being invited by Dr. Kevin Collins to assist him with Anna Devane’s case. He quickly becomes embroiled with Anna and the complications of her life. Andre becomes involved with Jordan, quickly falling for her and doing whatever he can to help her when possible. His big heart and desire to help, along with his heart-stopping good looks, make Dr. Andre Maddox one of the most endearing characters Port Charles has seen in a long time.

Who is your favorite General Hospital male character? Which of our above characters do you find most intriguing and endearing? Leave us a comment below and we will tally up the winner.

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  1. Jay says

    I say andre. His character actually seems real. Not forced like all the other ones.Andrew and anna. Had really out of the blue chemistry like Kiki and dillon. Curtis is good too. but now there giving to much of him. Tone it down a little. Please no more Carlyl and sonny let I’m be happy together and back burner them for a while. Explore Olivia transition into becoming a Q. Trying too fit in high society world with ned.and throw in Kevin and laura.bring class and the hospital back. Dump that mob. Spy and dead people. Away. Are let laura wake up from her coma like she never killed rick. And Alan is still alive.

  2. Jai says

    I wish they would give Griffin, a better story. They should focus more on the hospital. Bobbie, Elizabeth, Monica and Griffin should be the main source, along with Felix & Epiphany. Also, appoint a mature (Mack or Robert) police commissioner who can solve a case, with the help of Dante/Nathan. I love to see Monia Q in more stories. Monica (LC) is a legacy on the show and deserve to be written with respect. Her only living son is bestfriends with the man who killed, her other son, Grrrrr!!! Please bring Jeff Webber to confirm his affair with Hayden mother.

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