‘General Hospital’ News: Tonja Walker Wants To Stay On GH, How Long Will Olivia Jerome Be In Port Charles?

'General Hospital' News: Tonja Walker Wants To Stay On GH, How Long Will Olivia Jerome Be In Port Charles?Just like her onscreen character, “General Hospital’s,” Tonja Walker (Olivia Jerome) has no problem speaking her mind! Walker recently announced that her stint in Port Charles is winding down, and since then she’s been very vocal in her desire to stay on as the villainous mobstress with a heart of steel.

Walker spilled the beans about her departure on her website, telling fans that Olivia will be around, “through mid-March.” She also shared details about her personal life, stating that her daughter will be heading to college soon.

It seems that the soon-to-be empty nester would rather be on a soap than sit at home watching one! Walker further dished that she’s, “ready to go back to television full-time.”

In a move that would make emboldened Olivia proud, Walker has enthusiastically encouraged her fan base to advocate for her to remain on at GH.

She even told ABC Soaps in Depth, that she feels nothing but gratitude for the latest opportunity to reinvigorate Olivia Jerome after 20 odd years, and, “I hope people love it and write in to the show.”

ABC has responded to Walker’s campaign via GH exec Nathan Varni. The studio exec noted that Olivia has played a major role in recent storyline, particularly with Julexis – star-crossed lovers Julian (Williiam DeVry) and Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn).

What do you think, GH fans? Would you like to see Olivia Jerome extend her stay in Port Charles? GH spoilers tease that Olivia and her arch enemy Anna (Finola Hughes) are on a collision course for an unhappy reunion any day now. Once the angsty fireworks are over, does Olivia have a reason to stick around?

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  1. Elizabeth Healey says

    No, get rid of Olivia Jerome, very out of place and uncomfortable to watch. I fast forward through her scenes, same as anything to do with Julian and Alexis!

    1. Tonya Bethea says

      Alexis and julian is best rhing on GH. Sonny and Carly has gotten old..

  2. dorisnshipp says

    I agree she makes my skin crawl. Let her find another soap . I’d rather keep Ava around!

  3. Kevin Pham says

    some of us actually like OLIVIA JEROME 🙄👌☕️💯 and we want her to stay!
    the only reason people want LIV gone is because her story line is being used to attack SAM 🙄👌☕️💯
    why is the GH audience this uncomfortable 🙄👌☕️💯 with whatever happens to SAM…
    but they were so happy to see LIZ fall down the stairs..
    i say 🙄👌☕️💯 ignore all these GH sams fans who want LIV gone because they fear SAM is going to face peril…the more you listen to the fans on how to treat your ACE in HOLE GH villians
    the more crapful the GH character becomes
    we like LIV because she brought the same hype as PAUL HORNSBY and if you ruin LIV
    the same way you ruined PAUL HORNSBY because of the JASAM FANBASE… WHIMS and WHOES
    then GH will suffer yet again to more BAD STORYLINE endings of good contreversal characters like OLIVIA.. or future villians we all eventually LOVE TO HATE 🙄👌☕️💯
    so let’s learn from our MISTAKES and quit allowing the GH FANS who have such a fix on the status of the role of SAM dictate how the SHOW must operate… 🙄👌☕️💯

  4. Nanacoolblondie says

    Ava isn’t going anywhere, I think it would be great to have Liv Jerome on GH, maybe on recurring status😊

  5. Theresa Whitson Moore says

    I say keep her around, Ava isn’t half as bad as she used to be …..Unless, GH teams the 2 sisters up together. Wouldn’t that make a heck of a fun time to watch but get them off of Julian and his clan and maybe more onto Sonny. Real mob wars, idk it could be interesting

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