General Hospital News: Tonja Walker Says Olivia Jerome Will Be Back To GH!


General Hospital News: Tonja Walker Says Olivia Jerome Will Be Back To GH! General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that Tonja Walker confirms she will be returning as Liv St. John Jerome.  Her time is almost down for now, as they arrested her for all her recent misdeeds; but like most Port Charles residents, jail and prison never seems to keep people from returning.   While tweeting with fans, Walker said in regards to her status at GH, “I’ll Be Back!”

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Initially, it was left up to General Hospital’s fans response on whether she came back, but it seems viewers are loving the Jerome family dynamic and cannot wait to see the powerful and confident Liv return. 

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This past half year on GH, Liv Jerome (Tonja Walker) has done more damage to the citizens of Port Charles than others have done in years and even decades.

She has kidnapped several residents; attached a pregnant Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake (Kimberly McCullough) to a bomb. She has even pushed her very own niece, Samantha Morgan (Kelly Monaco) into premature labor after pushing her off a bridge. 

Liv St. John Jerome has proven, she was not someone to contend with.  She attempted to kill her brother, Julian Jerome (William deVry) several times for not just killing her beloved Duke Lavery (Ian Buchanan), she also wanted vengeance for his betrayal and his attempt on his life decades earlier; and used a ritual on a strapped down Dr. Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) convinced she could exchange Griffin’s soul for Duke’s. 

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Liv, may be the bitter mob princess who seems to control far more than people truly know, but one cannot help but feel pity for her as well.  She lost the love of her life to her bitter enemy Anna Devane (Finola Hghes) and exacted revenge by accidentally causing Anna to have a miscarriage. 

General Hospital fans are in a love/hate relationship with Liv Jerome.  She has been through a lot, which makes us feel sorry for her but at the same time we cannot stand that she messes with fan favorites.  It will be great to see her come back and wreak havoc on Port Charles. 

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