General Hospital POLL: Did The Judge Make The Right Decision For The Custody Of Charlotte? VOTE!


General Hospital POLL: Did The Judge Make The Right Decision For The Custody Of Charlotte? VOTE! Recently on General Hospital we all watched as the judge came to a verdict in the case regarding the custody of Lulu Falconeri (Emme Rylan) and Valentin Cassadine’s (James Patrick Stuart) daughter Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez).

Valentin Cassadine was awarded full custody of Charlotte leaving Lulu Falconeri very brokenhearted. Charlotte was seen by Andre Maddox (Anthony Morgan) which is one of Port Charles’s finest psychologist and he felt that it would be in the best interest not to take Charlotte away from her constant in her life, Valentin. Do you GH fans feel that was a good decision or do you think she should be with her mother?

Charlotte has really been through some traumatizing stuff in her short life. She has been moved from place to place even been lead to believe that Nathan West (Ryan Peavy) was her father, then Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen). Not only that she thought that Claudette (Bree Williamson) was her biological mother and now has lost her as well. This is so much for a child her age to have to endure.

However, Andre Maddox did tell the judge that Lulu Falconeri should have supervised visits with her daughter Charlotte, but is being supervised really called for? After all, Lulu is her mother. Do you think the verdict was unfair? Given Lulu Falconeri does need to ease into Charlotte’s life and let her get to know her better before uprooting her from one house to another, but there is definitely other ways they could have went about that.

So GH fans it’s time for you to take a vote. Are you happy with the verdict when it comes to the custody of little Charlotte Cassadine? Please cast your vote and let us know how you feel. Be sure to stay tuned to ABC’s General Hospital to see what lies ahead for sweet little Charlotte and don’t forget to check often with Soap Opera Spy for all your latest General Hospital spoilers, news, updates and much more.

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  1. Paulette Hanefeld says

    In her eagerness to have a child Lulu forgot how to be a mother. Very sad , But really great writing. Well done writers!

  2. Carolyn Henson says


  3. Betty Grisham says

    I believe that Lulu means well… she could of handled Charlotte with her best interest at heart.. Valentin was right when he did not want Charlotte to know that Lulu was her mother at that time… he wanted to tell her when the time was right… Lulu should have respected his wishes… and now she has to have supervised visits with her own daughter.. which it is sad..

  4. Angela Paschal says

    Charlotte loves and feels safe with Valentin. It is in her best interest to live with him for now. Lu Lu has been selfish and put her own needs before those of her child. Lu Lu’s own child hates her and it is her own fault. This was good writing.

    1. momsandpops says

      I would not say she put her needs before Charlotte, her need revolved around being Charlotte’s Mom. That is not being selfish that is wanting to take care and loving your child. Anxious to get to know her, love her be with her. I understand her eagerness.

  5. Kevin Pham says

    that’s not even LULU’s daughter 🤔👌☕️💯 we suspect her daughter is ATHENA and CLAUDETTE is being forced to look after her against her will as she is also forced to monitor the new role Nicholas CASSIDINE back on Cassidine island

    1. PassionQueen77 says

      There is more to the story about who is the mother of Charlotte.

      1. Kevin Pham says

        i’m undecided between Anna and Claudette it has to be one of them too but yes i suppose you are right i guess will just have to wait and see 🤔👌☕️💯

        1. PassionQueen77 says

          We will wait and see what happens. It would be impossible that Anna might be the mother of Charlotte.

          1. Kevin Pham says

            i read somewhere🙄👌☕️💯👏👏👏 where it was possible someone metnioned something about a birth certificate and it saying something like 2002 but i’m just going to keep a reminder of it too look deeper into hopefully by then it will all make sense by the grace of these writers 🙌🙌🙌🙌😣👌☕️💯👏👏👏

          2. ceecee says

            I didn’t see it up close but someone actually said 1992 was on it. I still want to believe Athena is Lulu’s daughter…c’mon writers, hurry the hell up. I think Charlotte should be Laura and Stavros’ kid…that way the DNA tests would kind of make sense..Valentin ( if he is Valentin) is Stavros’ brother abd Laura is Lulu’s mother so there would be a family match…they can be it on an inexperienced lab tech or bribing Brad lol

          3. Kevin Pham says

            agreed, and lol with these writing anything i guess is possible🙄👌☕️💯👏👏👏

          4. PassionQueen77 says

            Oh ok.

  6. Jo McEldridge says

    I think that the judge almost made the right call. I think that she should have ordered a child psychologist to be there with Lulu rather than a social worker. There is no problem with Lulu’s ability to parent, but there is a problem with why Charlotte wouldn’t accept Lulu as her mother when she accepted father after father. With time, Charlotte will be off her guard and will probably spill the brainwashing that she received back home.

  7. Laura Champlain says

    One of the stupidest stories I’ve ever had to sit threw! Valentin withholds Lulus daughter from her for many years then pops up in Port Charles to shove the girl into LuLu’s face. I never saw him encourage the girl to get close to her real mother,what are his intentions? He gets away with killing Nichols with Ava as a witness but she’s not called as a witness in court? Makes no sense she saw Valentin directly kill Nikolas! He shoots Kevin but really aimed at Laura because she gave it to him for killing her son but he gets off. Theirs no punishment for anything,withholding a child is like kidnapping,killing Nik when their was a witness that saw it happen,takes lock,stock and barrel of everything man he killed owned but what proof does he even have that says he’s really Valentin Cassadine. I for one don’t trust Valentin or Nina at all and don’t believe LuLu will get a fair share of visitiation with her daughter with any encouragement from Nina or Valentin. Where was Valentin all these years? The whole thing makes no sense at all yet he just keeps getting everything his way. Give me a break. Why wouldn’t he of contacted Lulu in all these years. So many questions left unanswered so Lulu has every right to feel the way she does! Everyone gives her a hard time but it’s not them who are going through what she is and as a mother whose child has been stolen from her and she’s missed so many things such as her daughters birth,first walk,rocking her to sleep all the bonding things a mother does with her child to me theirs just no excuse,story this man could give me for what he stole from Lulu. Any mother would feel that way if she was where Lulu is. If she loses all visitation I’m going to riot! I want Helena back to explain herself,no other bad man or woman measure up to her,she’s the best!

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