Emmerdale Spoilers: Who Is Pregnant In The Dales?

Emmerdale Spoilers: Who Is Pregnant In The Dales?Quite frankly we were stunned when the news of this shocking pregnancy hit our screens and we can guarantee it’s not who you think it is…

Lawrence White (John Bowe) was victim to a blood test gone wrong. Hilariously the man was told that he was pregnant. He and his family had a good old chuckle about the mishap, Rebecca (Emily Head) and Lachlan (Thomas Atkinson) were laughing at the harmless mistake. But whose blood results got switched with Lawrence’s? Who in the Dales is actually pregnant?

Was there something more sinister to the blood test results? Lawrence mentioned that when he was at the doctors a fire alarm went off. Meaning if someone wanted to switch out his blood, they could have. Robert (Ryan Hawley) was involved in this. We’ve seen him coming after Lawrence and his property before, is he tampering with his medical results to cause harm to Home Farm?

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The destructive man will stop at nothing to get what he wants, he has been slowly poisoning Lawrence by slipping something in his drinks. Which has slowly made the old man’s condition worse. Perhaps this is why Rob took the blood, he didn’t want evidence of his evil doings on record.

Robert is unravelling as Lawrence told him he no longer needs his help to run the family business. His plan to keep Lawrence bed ridden and sickly has failed. Which means Rob is back at square one, what lengths will he go to ensure that he will regain control over Home Farm?

We know that Lawrence’s time on the show is limited, the actor John Bowe made comments about being shoved off the show earlier this year. But will it be Robert who takes Lawrence’s last breath?

More importantly, who on the soap opera had a positive pregnancy test result?  Viewers were lead to believe that the blood belonged to Moira Dingle, however new soap rumors tease that may not be the case and there may be another pregnant woman roaming the Dales.  Let us know what you think in the comments below.  And, check back for more Emmerdale spoilers right here!

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