Emmerdale Spoilers: Robert’s Sordid Scheme Against Lawrence Set To Blow Up

Emmerdale Spoilers: Robert's Sordid Scheme Against Lawrence Set To Blow UpThings have escalated further than Emmerdale wanted after the terrible scenes we saw last week. Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley) lies to Lawrence White (John Bowe) about the two sleeping together in order to black mail him. Fans have been outraged and have complained to Ofcom about the immoral nature of the episode.

Robert set up an elaborate lie to trick his father in law, as he woke up in his bed telling Lawrence that the two had sex. Lawrence was drunk the night before which means his memory is foggy, he isn’t sure if he did sleep with Robert.

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He was an emotional wreck over his ex-girlfriend which lead him to booze. Robert took full advantage of this and told the old man that he only came over to look after him, but things escalated. He gave Lawrence more alcohol and put a condom wrapper by his side. When Lawrence awoke protested that this couldn’t be true as he has issues with impotence. But Robert has a quick tongue and convinced Lawrence that they did indeed get intimate. Robert is out to get him and it looks like he will cross any lines to get what he wants.

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Viewers of the show were angry that the show was condemning the issue of consent. With Robert letting Lawrence believe they had sex and using this as black mail, he is in fact committing a sexual crime. Fans took to social media to express their outrage, but also to Ofcom as this is such a serious issue. With the show tackling issues such as domestic violence and rape so well it is disappointing that this has happened. Will viewers appealing to Ofcom result in any change? Will the show realise their mistake in this awful plot line?

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