EastEnders Spoilers: New Game Of Thrones Love Interest For Lauren Branning?


EastEnders Spoilers: New Game Of Thrones Love Interest For Lauren Branning? EastEnders spoilers tease that Lauren Branning could be set to gain a new love interest. And not just any old boy from the square, oh no! A Game of Thrones Actor.

Lauren (Jacqueline Jossa) is currently in a relationship with Steven Beale (Aaron Sedwell), but it is clear they’re on the rocks. In this Friday’s episode she quite frankly told him he could not attend the “family” meal with Max (Jake Wood) and Abi Branning (Lorna Fitzgerald).

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Does this mean she is open to this new and exciting possibility? Or is she only trying to finally reconnect with her father, this week’s story line followed Lauren attempting to find out if Max was once again up to no good, and he and Steven have not had the easiest past.

Lauren meets the new mystery man when investigating Max at his workplace, in the shows new attempt to film outside of the square we were taken to offices on the Canary Wharf in London.

These new settings don’t suit all fans but they do bring a new variety to the show. This location being your typical office block, filled with suited Londoners.

Whilst there Lauren meets a nerdy, but confident, guy in her father’s office. He is being called “Photocopier Guy,” until next week when presumably we will find out more about him. But will Lauren stay true to her boyfriend or will she call Photocopier Guy as he did leave her his number, and she was definitely not upset about it.

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Whilst in the Vic she entered his number into her phone, suggesting we have not seen the last of him. Spoilers show that next week they may meet not so innocently in a London club, who knows what will happen between them?

 Photocopier Guy himself is actor is Eddie Eyre, who played Gerold Hightower in Game of Thrones in the episode “Oathbreaker.” A prestigious resume for any actor, but how long will his stay be in the square? A new character or just a fleeting fling?

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