EastEnders Spoilers: Mick And Whitney Is Finally Happening, Affair Heats Up – What About Linda?

EastEnders Spoilers: Mick And Whitney Is Finally HappeningFans best close their eyes because the worst is about to happen. Whitney and Mick are finally going to hook up after months of creepy flirting. Mick is going to cheat on his wife Linda with the very young Whitney in this week’s episodes.

It’s hard to believe that loveable Mick would sink so low, his and Linda’s relationship was so strong when they first appeared on the square but with all the problems the pair have faced this revelation kind of makes sense. Linda has been away for some time.

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But being away from Mick has caused the couple problems, mainly that he has been free to lust after some much younger women. His own son’s partner none the less. Yes, Whitney and Liam have split but it was not until recently, their flirting started way before Liam’s theft became known.

In the steamy scene Mick will tell Whitney that he “really missed her” and then the two will share a long hug and fall into a passionate kiss. It may be short but the pair do not seem to feel any guilt about their feelings for one another. They tenderly hug and leave an open-ended question, what will happen next? Will this become a full-blown affair?

Mick has always been a beloved character on the square but how will fans react to him becoming a cheater? The two’s romance has a creepy air about it with him being an almost father figure to the young girl, are we about to dislike Mick? It is hard to forgive Mick even with all that he is going through right now, the loss of the Vic and the fight with Shirley.

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What will happen now if Linda returns? Let’s hope the affair is short lived does not move past one emotional kiss.

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