EastEnders Spoilers: Adam Astill Joins Cast – What’s Mysterious New Villain Up To?

EastEnders Spoilers: Adam Astill Joins Cast - What's Mysterious New Villain Up To?There was a new character in this week’s EastEnders, a dark-haired man who appeared to be shady. Who is this mystery man? Well many of you recognized him as Max’s friend from prison and it looks like he is going to play a big part in the revenge plot.

Max believes that he must make those in his life pay for not believing him when he was charged guilty for the murder of Lucy Beale. A crime he was indeed innocent of, yet his family and neighbours believed that he was capable due to his criminal past.

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We have already seen Max try to ruin the business of the Vic and cause romantic issues for his daughter Lauren. But was does the new man have to do with Max’s revenge? He is a fellow criminal, could Max be recruiting a special set of skills for his revenge?

Max’s new helper is played by Adam Astill a famous actor none the less! Who played Dan Hamilton on the very popular hospital show Holby City. It didn’t take fans to recognise the actor and they took to social media to debate why he has changed from scrubs to prison slacks. Will he become a regular on the square after he has helped Max?

It looks like we will be seeing a lot more of Adam as we saw him talking to Max in a very vague and menacing way. The new man seems to want to speed up the process of taking down those who hurt Max after the two spent months as cellmates.

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Even Max was reserved about this but the new criminal managed to excite the downtrodden man. His encouragement worked as it prompted Max to say “Everyone thinks I’m already capable of murdering a young girl…. I’m capable of anything.” What terrible things will the pair get up to together?

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