EastEnders Spoilers: Pam Coker Pops Up With A Surprise, Will She Be Back Again?

EastEnders Spoilers: Pam Coker Pops Up With A Surprise, Will She Be Back Again?EastEnders,” fans were treated to the return of a favorite character this week when Pam Coker (Lin Blakely) returned to Walford for a special event. But is that the only reason she had for coming?

Billy and Honey Mitchell had a grand time planned for their house warming party. Until it turned into a comedy of errors! How could they have known that their guests would turn their beautiful new home into a messy shambles before the night was over?

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First off, Martin Fowler went and dragged mud all over the previously pristine residence. Next, Sharon managed to spill an entire bottle of red vino on the already trampled on carpeting. What are friends and family for, right?

But the evening’s bright point was Pam’s visit, even though it was all too brief. Unfortunately for the rest of the guests, Pam flew solo for the night as Les remained at home with an injured back.

It was a pure pleasure to see Pam back where she belongs, and she shared some especially poignant scenes with her friend Donna. For loyal viewers it was heartwarming to see the two ladies interacting Pam recounted how she’s enjoying retired life, and later she caught up with Ben.

Ben surely needed some honest and straightforward advice, and Pam was quick to give it to him. She implored him to find new happiness as Paul would definitely want it that way. In the end, she encouraged him to not be a stranger.

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And what’s a party without some good news? No one was more surprised or delighted than Billy when Pam dropped a happy bombshell. It seems that Les is so pleased with Billy’s management style that he wants to give him a partnership. Hurray!

Pam’s visit reminded us all just how much we’ve missed the Cokers. Which other “EastEnders,” characters would you like to see pop back up on the hit sudser?

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