‘EastEnders’ Spoilers: BBC1 Soap Drops Cast List, Preparing For More Shocking Stories


'EastEnders' Spoilers: BBC1 Soap Drops Cast List, Preparing For More Shocking Stories They’re at it again, EastEnders fans, toying with your emotions and keeping you guessing! Just when you thought it was safe to take a breath after all the recent onscreen action, TPTB have gone and thrown a major curveball at the audience.

Do we know who’s next in line for major drama or a surprise cliffhanger? Nope, and neither will you from here on out!

In a sweeping change, the BBC1 soap will no longer list the exact cast list for each episode, days in advance. As of next week, fans won’t be able access the cast listings at the show’s official online website; boo hiss!

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This means that loyal viewers will no longer have advance notice of exactly when their fave characters will be on the telly. Having access to this insider information meant that fanatical fans could track the progress of storylines, deduce which characters might be involved in major drama, and determine new additions to the cast.

Why so mean, you ask? Well, it’s a maneuver designed to heighten viewer suspense – a classic soap move, right?!

EastEnders” hasn’t issued a statement about the changeup, but we do know that the show plans to punch up its current and forthcoming storylines, and this move denies viewers clues that could spoil any future surprises!

For example, the show’s recent bus crash fiasco was picked apart beforehand by eagle-eyed fans who looked at the upcoming cast lists to determine which characters were affected. That’s no fun! Or is it? For some viewers, it’s tantalizing to try and keep ahead of the onscreen action, while others would prefer not to know.

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For those viewers in the former category we have one last spoiler for you: the extended cast lists include teen characters Alexandra (Sydney Craven), Keegan (Zack Morris), Madison (Seraphina Beh), and Travis (Alex James-Phelps). Is this a clue as to their upcoming status on, “EastEnders”?

Does it reveal that the teen scene, including Shakil, Bex and Louis, will have a dynamic storyline going forward?

Let us know what you think of this latest, “EastEnders,” changeup, loyal fans!

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