Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Ron Carlivati Turned Weak Women into Strong Female Leads

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Ron Carlivati Turned Weak Women into Strong Female Leads

“Days of Our Lives” spoilers teased a lot of changes when Ron Carlivati took over as head writer. He has certainly been hitting the ground running. One noticeable change that people don’t seem to be talking about is how the female characters have evolved in Carlivati’s writing. Women that were previously represented as frail, weak and needing to be saved are now being written as strong female leads.

The first personality change that fans saw was with Abigail Deveraux (Marci Miller.) When the actress took over Kate Mansi’s role, Abby seemed completely different. She was no longer strong, but was perceived as weak and insecure. She was also easily fooled, which isn’t the Abigail that we all remember.

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The first change Ron Carlivati made with Abby was giving her a backbone. He did it right away by having her slap Dario Hernandez (Jordi Vilasuso) across the face. It was priceless and he deserved it. These days, she is nobody’s fool. She is also strong and for the first time in an eternity, she is putting her happiness first.

An example of this is when Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus) confronted Abigail about the “Chabby” reconciliation. Abby is no longer denying her feelings for Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn.) She shouldn’t have to just to spare her best friend’s feelings. It seems that Carlivati understands this much better than the previous head writers.

As for Gabi, she is another female character that has changed. Before, her only storyline was being obsessed with Chad. Considering she is the only Hispanic female on “DOOL” these days, it was a horrible misrepresentation of the Latina community.

She is so much more than being arm candy. She is intelligent, has an eye for business, is a loving mother and is feisty. Even though her spunk can land her in hot water, she will stop at nothing to defend the people she cares about. However, all of this was ignored for a long time. Until Carlivati came on board and fixed her character.

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We saw a hint of her spunk last week, when Gabi stood up with Commissioner Raines (Aaron D. Spears) even though he was pointing a gun at her. That is the Gabi we remember. Determined, passionate and opinionated.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Ron Carlivati Turned Weak Women into Strong Female Leads

“Days of Our Lives” spoilers teased Gabi would break up with Chad. She did it because it was the right thing to do. There was no anger or bitterness. Her heart was broken, but she did it with such class. If you were not a fan of Gabi before, stay tuned, because you will be in the future.

One other character we would like to address is Valerie Grant. She wasn’t necessarily painted as a weak character, but her strengths were never properly highlighted. Let me tell you, when Abe Carver (James Reynolds) was arrested and the way she ripped off her jewelry and practically tossed it was an example of her fury. It just shows that Valerie has passion. She was determined to make sure her feelings were known.

She exhibited her raw emotional side, but did in a fierce way without going overboard. We are looking forward to seeing more of Valerie and what Carlivati will do with the heart specialist. Like Gabi, Valerie was not being utilized the way she should have been.

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“Days of Our Lives” spoilers reveal a lot of changes are coming in the next several months. We were not sure if Ron Carlivati could fix “DOOL.” However, so far, we are thrilled with what we are seeing.

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