Could We See More Of This Is Us Jack’s Days In Vietnam?

Could We See More Of This Is Us Jack’s Days In Vietnam?

“This Is Us” fans undoubtedly have focused in on the facts surrounding Jack Pearson’s (Milo Ventimiglia) death, maybe the focus should be on his life. As the patriarch of his family as well as an inspiring husband and father, we now can add Vietnam vet to the list. Ventimiglia would love to explore more of that time in Jack’s life. “I feel like there’s 50-some years of this man’s life and we’ve only seen 18 of it.” Ventimiglia shared in an interview with Jess Cagle.

The Vietnam War has a personal connection for Milo Ventimiglia, as his father is a Vietnam vet. His father returned from the war “he presented himself as put-together,” Ventimiglia admitted, “I know the war impacted him and affected him.” Naturally, Ventimiglia pulls those emotions he saw in his father to use as the inspiration for Jack’s past.

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“This Is Us” fans like Milo Ventimiglia can not wait to get back to see how Jack gets his family back on track after stepping away from his marriage briefly. Fans just can not get enough of the on-screen chemistry of Jack and Rebecca (Mandy Moore), however, we are desperately awaiting the reveal of how Miguel (Jon Huertas), Jack’s best friend, becomes Rebecca’s second husband.

We are already starting to see the different layers and the transformations taking place in Jack Pearson. Moving forward Ventimiglia feels we will see how he “gets deeper into the sense of responsibility that I need to raise this family, support this family, maybe even die for this family.”

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Did Ventimiglia just give a hint into Jack’s death? Please check back with us here on Soap Opera Spy to stay in the know. Catch “This Is Us” Tuesday this fall on NBC. You can catch new episodes next day on Hulu, or binge watch Season 1 now on Hulu or

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