Coronation Street Spoilers: Shona Violently Beaten, Attacked By Nathan

Coronation Street Spoilers: Shona Violently Beaten, Attacked By NathanCoronation Street spoilers reveal that images have been released of Shona Ramsey with very bad injuries, she is taken into an alley and beaten by an unknown source. It is most likely the despicable Nathan Curtis who is to blame, her ex.

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Nathan has been grooming young Bethany Platt for months in a story which has troubled the nation, his advances on the underage girl have been appalling.

We have seen him undermine her confidence and abuse her verbally to the point where even Bethany thinks it is normal. The representation of grooming has been emotional and Nathan has quickly become one of the worst men on Coronation Street for some time. Viewers want justice for Bethany before anything else horrific can happen to her.

Corrie spoilers tease that the theory is Shona is going to try and protect Bethany from her ex, who suffered badly when Nathan left her with cigarette burns all over her body. He was violent towards Shona and this behaviour may well turn to Bethany in the coming weeks.

Nathan is going to try to force Bethany into a sex ring, it is unknown whether he will be successful but Shona is going to try to intervene. It does not seem impossible due to the pairs recent behaviour, his controlling nature seems to be almost absolute. Poor Bethany may not stand a chance.

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Shona does not want the terrible man to repeat the abuse he displayed with her with Bethany, a young and defenseless girl. Which is why when her actress Julia Goulding was seen covered in screen make up looking to be severely beaten, fans pieced the puzzle together. Shona may feel guilty that Nathan is doing such deeds, as it is Shona that accidentally lead him to the street, will her conscience get her to step in? Will she survive the attack? And will she save Bethany?

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