Coronation Street Spoilers: Maria Returns To Corrie, Fresh Out Of Prison – Watch Out Aidan!

Coronation Street Spoilers: Maria Returns To Corrie, Fresh Out Of Prison - Watch Out Aidan!Hell hath no fury like a high-heeled, gorgeous, early-release prisoner striding down the cobblestones on “Coronation Street!” That’s right, Maria’s been set free from her shackles; will lovebirds Aidan and Eva soon rue the day?

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Maria must have set an outstanding example of decorum in prison, because she’s been released early due to her good behavior. What does one have to do to get a one year sentence reduced to just two months? Viewers probably don’t want to know!

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The feisty brunette was originally sentenced to a year behind bars after she married a friend so that he could remain in the country.

Well, look out Weatherfield, because Maria is now free and clear to spill the beans about her affair with Aidan! Don’t look for dramatic Maria to do anything in a shy, retiring manner.

In fact, viewers will soon see the newly released inmate hustling down the street reveling in her newfound freedom, proudly showing off her ankle monitor. There’s no shame in her game, you go girl!

And who should happen to pull up beside the striding vixen? None other than her illicit hookup, Aidan. After overcoming his initial surprise, the two-timer tries his best to get the lovely lady inside his revved up Mustang.

To her credit, Maria lets Aidan know that she has no use for him, but after some loud and boisterous words, she climbs into the passenger seat. Score one for Aidan!

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Maria’s exceptionally early release will provide plenty of drama for Aidan and Eva. Eva has no idea that her honey was unfaithful with Maria. What will she do when she finds out about Aidan’s infidelity?

And what was the real reason for Maria’s release? Could the court have taken sympathy on her because she’s—pregnant?!

Is Maria keeping an even bigger secret than her terrible tryst with Aidan? Could it be that the population of Weatherfield is about to grow by one? Stay tuned Corrie fans, anything is possible!

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