‘Coronation Street’ Spoilers: Corrie Goes Dark, Is Daniel Keeping A Sinister Secret?

'Coronation Street' Spoilers: Corrie Goes Dark, Is Daniel Keeping A Sinister Secret?Is there a secret killer walking the cobbles on, “Coronation Street?” If wild fan speculation is correct, a young blonde’s life is now in danger from the deranged murderer! Who is the ominous, anonymous killer on Corrie?

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Right now social media is on fire with uncontrolled speculation that young Daniel Osbourne murdered his mother, Denise. Really, the baby-faced boyfriend of Sinead?

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Daniel showed up in Weatherfield last year, after his father suffered a stroke. Now that he’s remained in town, viewers are wondering about the whereabouts and welfare of the young man’s mother!

Could Daniel have done something ominous to his mom? Some fervent fans are convinced that Daniel committed matricide!

What’s fueling this rumor? Daniel’s lovely gift to Sinead, followed by a rather innocuous comment.

After Daniel gave Sinead a beautiful necklace, he told her, “It belonged to my mother.” 

Social media immediately blew up as fans flocked online to fan the flames of innuendo. One user tweeted, “Suspicious use of the past tense there Daniel #Corrie,” and another imagined, “So Daniel killed his mum? Is that what everyones thinking?!”   

The wave of online speculation grew after Sinead inquired about Daniel’s mom: “Suppose I can meet her one day, I hope she likes me more than Ken!”   

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Rather than enthusiastically affirming her desire to meet his mom, Daniel made an excuse to abruptly leave her apartment.

One fan then tweeted,Has Daniel murdered his mother and hid her under the patio or something??” and another wrote, “Daniel really is creepy – has he done his mother in?”  

His shifty behavior was interpreted to mean that Daniel is hiding something from Sinead. Could it be the fact that he’s living with an awful secret? And if so, what are his intentions toward Sinead?

We want to know how you interpreted Daniel’s behavior; is he as sinister as some are speculating? Or he is just a love-struck, tongue-tied young man trying to impress his girlfriend with a gift?

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  1. ceecee says

    If I hadn’t seen my mom in years I would have said “belonged”. If I gave something to someone then it had “belonged” to me in the past tense…I am still alive lol. Some people just want to read something into nothing. Why bring back Daniel with an actor everyone seems to like only to have him go to prison. It is possible Denise died and Daniel doesn’t want to tell Ken, but what is the difference, Ken already knows she abandoned him. Maybe Denise is in prison or a sanitarium…who knows lol

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