Coronation Street Spoilers: Michelle Back To Corrie, Will She Choose Robert Or Steve?

Coronation Street Spoilers: Michelle Back To Corrie, Will She Choose Robert Or Steve?

Michelle McDonald is finally back to the cobbles, but the unthinkable happens upon her return! Is it possible that the “Coronation Street,” heroine’s life goes from bad to worse back in Weatherfield?

Tragic Michelle fled town after a series of ugly events forced her to confront her life. First, her cherished baby was delivered stillborn. To add to her grief, she discovered that her husband Steve cheated on her with Leanne. But the cruelest blow came when the anguished woman learned that Steve and Leanne had conceived a child together.

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Her stoic friend Robert stood by Michelle when she went a little crazy, trying to get back at Steve, plus going after Leanne’s boyfriend.

After some much-needed time away by herself, Michelle returns home only to find herself attacked by Jenny! It seems that the bridezilla isn’t too happy when Michelle counsels the groom. Jenny fires her as their wedding planner and Michelle’s back to square one, unemployed, but with Robert at the ready; the kind man offers her a job at the Bistro. Maybe she can have a fresh start after all?

Not so fast! Show spoilers reveal that Steve pleads with Michelle to give their marriage another go by trying counseling. What comes next is mind-boggling: selfless Robert actually encourages her to go and see what’s left of the marriage!

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Will his kind heart cost Robert his beloved? The show is keeping a tight lid on what transpires next, but it’s safe to say that tense Michelle has a massive dilemma on her hands.

Is she about to make a decision that impacts the lives of the McDonalds and the Rovers? Will she choose to work at the Bistro thus setting in motion a battle royale between the Bistro and the pub?

Only Michelle knows what she’ll do next, but if lifting her downtrodden life up involves sticking it to cheating Steve in the process, chances are good that she’ll go for it with guns blazing!

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