Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Paul Abrahamian Sets His Sights On Alex Ow And Jason Dent As Week 10 Targets

Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Paul Abrahamian Sets His Sights On Alex Ow And Jason Dent As Week 10 TargetsBig Brother 19 spoilers reveal that Paul Abrahamian is setting his sights on the Week 10 target. He is getting his minions ready for another shocking blindside in Week 10.  For his plan to work, Alex Ow cannot win the HOH competition. As far as Alex believes, the whole house is unified and wants to get Kevin Schlehuber out.  As it turns out, that is only for show, and the real target is Alex and Jason Dent.

Paul remains in the most powerful position in the house.  Every time they make a decision, the BB18 vet is dictating the next move. They all blindly follow his advice, not aware that he’s leading them to their own evictions.

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Big Brother 19 spoilers indicated that Paul’s real final three is with Christmas Abbott and Josh Martinez.  He is hoping to be sitting in the final two against Christmas.  That means that Alex and Jason will be the next to go and he will need someone else to do it.  Alex and Jason believe that Paul wants to take them to the end.  Paul needs Christmas or Raven Walton to take a strike at Alex and Jason.

Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Paul Abrahamian Sets His Sights On Alex Ow And Jason Dent As Week 10 Targets

Paul stated this is the week to take a strike at Jason and Alex. For one, Jason cannot compete in the HOH competition as the outgoing HOH. So, they would only have to beat Alex to ensure they go on the block.  Paul entertained the thought of throwing the competition to Raven or Kevin Schlehuber to keep blood off his hands but quickly dismissed the idea. He wants Christmas or Josh to win the HOH competition.

Once Jason and Alex are on the block, the target will be Jason.  They believe that Jason is a bigger threat to win the game in the end.  Paul believes that Alex will self-destruct and would crumble when dealing with Kevin alone without her biggest ally.

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Paul realizes that Jason could win the Week 10 POV.  If that happens, Kevin or Raven will go on the block (probably Raven), and Alex would head to the Jury House. Either way, as long as Alex doesn’t win HOH, Paul feels confident that one of them will go during Week 10.

Paul has put himself in the perfect spot in the house.  He has aligned his BFF’s, Josh and Christmas, to go to the end with him. It seems like Jason and Alex are in trouble and unless Alex pulls off a big HOH win, they will be the targets for Week 10.

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