10 Things To Know About Big Brother 19’s Jason The Cowboy

10 Things To Know About Big Brother 19's Jason The Cowboy

It’s baaack: “Big Brother 19,” is here and this season’s cast promises to be the most outrageous, entertaining and cunning yet. It’s been almost 20 years since its U.S. debut, but the CBS megahit hosted by Julie Chen shows no signs of slowing down.

This year’s houseguests are a charismatic, colorful, and diverse bunch, with Jason Dent leading the way in the personality department. Here are the top ten things you need to know about this smooth-talking, handsome contender who could end up walking away this year’s winner.

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  1. Jason is a rodeo clown. Yes, an honest to goodness, make-up wearing rodeo clown! Will his obvious physical superiority and fearlessness make him a top contender for the $500,000 BB prize? Only time will tell!
  2. His nickname is Whistle-Nut. Say what? According to Jason’s wife Holly, the name came about because Jason used to have a lisp and it sounded funny when he said the word, “Whistle,” plus the fact that the guy is just nutty by nature. Makes sense to us!
  3. Like most rodeo folk Jason claims to be an expert yarn spinner, as in, telling tall tales. Will his ability to stretch the truth give him an edge when it comes to ingratiating himself with the other contenders?
  4. Jason may have a bit of an edge when it comes to this whole competition thing. Prior to getting his key to the house, he tried out for both, “Amazing Race” and “American Idol.” Hmm, a man of many talents!
  5. His best friend is a bull named Ole. Would you expect anything less from a man whose living depends on making people laugh and wrangling angry animals? By the way, Ole prefers his name to be pronounced, “Oh-Lee.”
  6. His motto is YOLO. That philosophy pretty much explains itself, and may explain why Jason could wind up going all the way.
  7. His greatest fear about being on “Big Brother,” centers on the bathroom. I guess we’ll find out more about that as the show goes on!
  8. Jason was lucky enough to be recruited to try out for the show. On June 15, cameras and producers flew to his hometown of Humeston, Iowa, and Dent later found his key to the house (where else) inside his rodeo clown makeup bag.
  9. At age 37 Jason is one of the oldest contestants this season. Will his age work against him?
  10. No matter what happens on BB, Jason has a beautiful wife Holly and their 2-year-old child Gatlyn to come home to: that sounds like a win-win to me!

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