‘Young and the Restless’ POLL: Steve Burton: Is He Better as Y&R Dylan McAvoy or GH’s Jason Morgan? VOTE!

'Young and the Restless' POLL: Steve Burton: Is He Better as Y&R Dylan McAvoy or GH’s Jason Morgan? VOTE!Most fans either know Steve Burton as his character Dylan McAvoy on “The Young & the Restless” (Y&R) or as Jason Morgan on “General Hospital” (GH). There are fans who have expressed some very strong feelings about where he truly belongs and which role suits him best. An interesting fact is how popular he was in the role that started out his whole acting career. Do you remember it? His breakout role as surfer boy, Chris Fuller on Out of This World in 1987.

Jack Stephen Burton was born in Indianapolis on June 28, 1970, and grew up in the suburb Richmond Heights, before moving to Hollywood. He graduated from Beverly Hills High School. Steve married Sheree Gustin in January 1999 and they have three children together; Makena (2004), Jack (2006) and Brooklyn (2014).

Besides the roles he has played in various soap operas, he has also appeared in the movie The Last Castle with Robert Redford and James Gandolfini. He is also the voice actor of Cloud Strife in the Kingdom Hearts series among others, like Final Fantasy! Steve Burton appeared on High Stakes Poker, Season 3, and he donated all his earnings to his fan club for the building of a clubhouse.

Before he made the role of Jason Morgan (GH) famous, he played the role of Harris Michaels, a love interest for Eve Donovan (then Charlotte Ross) on Days of Our Lives, in 1988. Steve joined the daytime drama General Hospital in 1991, where his character, Jason Quartermaine, had been rapidly aged to his late teens. He was a star athlete and the pride of the Quartermaine family, until that dreadful day in 1995, he was involved in a car accident with his brother A.J. (then Sean Kanan) that left him with amnesia and irreversible brain damage.

In comes, Jason MORGAN! He severed all ties with the Quartermaines and Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) took him under his wing and turned him into a killing machine and mob enforcer. He opted not to renew his contract and left in 2000. He returned briefly in 2001, but returned on a full-time basis from 2002 to 2012. In 2012, Steve purchased a house in Tennessee and moved his family out there. He didn’t want to have a bicoastal family and when the powers that be couldn’t accommodate him, he chose to leave General Hospital.

In January 2013, Steve Burton was hired to portray the role of a new character, Dylan McAvoy, on The Young and the Restless. He initially was involved in a story with his former lover, Avery Bailey Clark (Jessica Collins); their reunion was shocking considering that Avery was told he had died on one of his military tours to Afghanistan. Avery remained conflicted but chose to stay with Nicholas Newman (Joshua Morrow), but Dylan doesn’t give up without a fight.

When it looks like he is on the losing end, he has a one-night-stand with Chelsea Lawson (Melissa Claire Egan), and she later deceives him into thinking he is the baby’s father. Steve Burton played the role perfectly when his character found out that Adam Newman (the Michael Muhney) was in fact, the baby’s father. To him, it was devastating to lose yet another child; remembering that he lost a baby with Avery too. We cannot help but wonder what is going to happen when the truth finally comes out about Christian/Sully’s paternity. Will he spiral out of control? Who could blame him if he did, this would be the third child ripped out of his life!

In October 2013, Dylan finally had some ties to some key players and prominent families. The truth came out that Dylan was the son of Paul Williams (Doug Davidson) and Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott). Steve Burton, himself, couldn’t help but compare this storyline to the one he played on General Hospital, as Monica Quartermaine’s (Leslie Charleson) son, Jason. There is also the similarity that Jason Morgan had a brain injury, causing amnesia and reinventing himself. Dylan is a war hero from Afghanistan, who suffers from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Do you see other similarities between his characters? After observing Steve Burton in both roles, which one do you prefer him in, Jason Morgan (GH) or Dylan McAvoy (Y&R)?

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  1. Denise Smith Venable says

    Like SBu on GH,because the character was action!I like him on Y&R as Dylan also as a police officer!

  2. Kevin Pham says

    to be fair
    SB is like SUPERMAN
    you want to have a SUPERMAN on your show… for the eventful storylines
    now… let’s begin this short analysis
    STEVE BURTON has more of a ROLE to go back to
    on YOUNG and RESTLESS his role is not to…IMPORTANT to continue caring about
    there would be no reason for SBU to come back to GENERAL HOSPITAL right now.. or anytime soon.. until these writers are REMOVED… and CHANGED…. because i can’t see these writers.. mess up the ROLE of JASON.. while the actor SBU behind JASON… has always done succesful with this ROLE as JASON…
    THE WRITING IS HORRRIBLE for GENERAL HOSPITAL and it would be so sickeing to see SB portraying his own character at not the level we are all FOND OF because of the bad WRITING…..
    so over all SBU is better of on Y&R for now.. at least his character on y&r will not be diminished… as the way GH WRITERS have DEPLETED the respect i have for the role of jASON… since 2014-2016 present.. tehre is no way to fix that role of jASON.. the cure is to fire the WRITERS.. and get new WRITERS who actually respect the ROLE OF JASON and it’s true content of continuity…..

    1. M. J. says

      Kevin remember that I wrote a whole storyline about Liz and Carly; finally, becoming friends, after Carly overhears Sam and Liz arguing about Liz saying Sam can have Fakeson, because he’s not the real Jason. Carly and Liz make up, like women, and then they get drunk. Liz; accidentally, tells Carly about Sam and Carly and the Quartermaines rip Sam a new one. Fakeson of course blames Liz and Carly decides that Liz is right and they have to find the real Jason. Also I said that SB hasn’t been used really in like the last year and he’ll quit soon! We’ll it’s happening! He’s quitting in December! GH has to steal my idea and reveal that the real Jason is on Cassadine Island and have Liz and Carly find him. This will prove, I was right all along and Fakeson is not just a fake, but Alexander Quartermaine . . . Jason’s long-lost twin. Then they can steal more of my ideas and have Greg Vaughn come back to help Carly discover that she isn’t a Spencer, after Sam digs it up to get revenge on her, after she exposed her dirty deeds from 10 years ago! I could just Kvell!

      1. Jai says

        M. J.
        Have you submitted your take to GH? The writers need all the help they can get. Also, if S-Burton does return, I hope they keep Fakeson with Samantha.

          1. Jai says

            Hi M.J.
            I’m glad someone is paying attention to viewers/fans. It seems the women (Courtney and Sam)they bring on the show have no chemistry with the original leading men, so they’re “force”, upon Jason. I must say Sam was better paired with GV and ME. ME voice, made Sam voice more tolerable, to me. Her expressions, and tone comes off, emotionless in all her scenes. The audiance should be able to tell the difference when you’re laughing/crying. Also, Fakeson was very good when he was paired with Elizabeth, thanks to a great actress. Of course, the writers screwed it up, once again. Slowly, BM perfomance went down hill when they paired him with Sam. BM acting, as if he doesn’t care and waiting for his contract to expire Like you said the real jason would never turn his back on his friend; lover and safe place.You can throw up on me anytime. I took a couple of breaks when they put pill-popper Courtney with Jason and when they put Sam (me, me, always me) back with Jason. I guess men are screaming ” I need a girl, who likes to threating babies”, please call!!! I’ve been watching liason clips on YouTube. I know Robin is Jason first love, but I believe Elizabeth is the love of his life.
            The clip when Jason is trying to prove Elizabeth didn’t run down Sam…..Carly gets upset and tell Jason, she thought he was soft when it came to Robin. But with Liz he have on blinders. Carly admit she’s jealous and know she doesn’t come first. you can throw up, on me anytime.You and Kevin Pham, are very knowledgeable, about GH .
            Lastly, I wish the writers stop playing favortism to a particular actress….sorry if anyone is offended

          2. M. J. says

            Thank you Jai; sincerely, I mean that.

          3. Jai says

            Hi M.J
            Too funny! I love the way you describe Courtney….very accurate.

            You’re right, about Elizabeth and Carly (SJB) good cat fights. Elizabeth had no fear. I love when Elizabeth told Carly to get out of her studio in 1999. Gotta love when Jason keeps Carly in line.

            Y, are the EP and writers constantly down grading the character of Elizabeth? RH is a great actress.

            Also, love Carly (LW) followed her from Loving and Guiding Light.

            I tried to watch Saint Sam, but FF…it’s very painful! Like other comments they forced JaSam together with no story….now they’re Hella boring.

          4. M. J. says

            I followed LW from Loving to the City, to Guiding Light to GH as well. UPVOTE for you!

          5. Jai says

            Hey, do you think Jeff Webber will appear in Port Charles, by the end of the year

          6. M. J. says

            I pray to god he does and brings The Real Jason with him! LOL! I can wait for The Real Jason, but I want Jeff Webber back by Feb. Sweeps played by Mikey Park.

          7. Jai says

            LOL….I need to calm down! If you mean Mickey Park, from ATWT….I see GH ratings shooting to the top.

          8. M. J. says

            Yeah, Michael Park. You are too funny.

  3. Jai says

    I totally agree! I wish GH, would hire ghosts writers. They have too many, unnecessary characters that’s not tied to the show.

  4. Lynne says

    I LOVE him as Paul’s son. He just needs more story and we’re about to get it! ?

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