‘This Is Us’ News: NBC Series Premiere Reveals Exciting Secrets And Clues About Justin Hartley’s New Show

'This Is Us' News: NBC Series Premiere Reveals Exciting Secrets And Clues About Justin Hartley's New ShowThis is Us premiered last week on NBC, and it was all it promised to be.  Many people watched the series because they are fans of a particular actor or actress, and the trailers were intriguing.  After reading this article, some of you will just have confirmation of what you thought, others will have to re-watch the episode, to catch all the things they missed along the way.

The show begins with a couple, Rebecca (Mandy Moore) and Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) celebrating Jack’s birthday with a sexy dance.  Our definition of sexy may be something different, but the first clue is dropped there when Rebecca compares herself to “Shamu”, a whale famous in the 60s.

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When her water breaks, they jump scenes and she is lying in a hospital bed in a very sterile and empty room.  If you look close enough, you would notice that there are not modern medical devices in the room, but if you missed that, you cannot ignore the fact that after Rebecca delivered a healthy baby boy, she said something was wrong and was rushed into the O.R. for an emergency c-section and Jack was pushed out of the way, instead being there to witness the birth of their other two children.

We jump forward to Kate (Chrissty Metz), who is clearly struggling with her weight, open her fridge to a birthday cake for what we can assume is her 36th birthday.  She ends up having a miserable day, until her twin brother, Kevin (Justin Hartley) arrives, who comforts her and encourages her to do something about her weight if she is so miserable.

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Kate goes to a support group for obese people, where she meets Toby (Chris Sullivan), who chats with her, and after she makes a snide remark about how she doesn’t need a “fat” friend, they laugh and end up going on a dinner date.  As she is having a good time with Toby, her brother, is at work, acting on this show called “The Manny”, where he is nothing more than a sexy guy who always seems to be shirtless.  Kevin hates his job and literally sinks his career by having a melt-down and walking off set, essentially quitting his job.

This time it’s Kate who comforts her brother.  After an evening of drinking with Toby and Kate, Kevin passes out on her couch, and in case you missed it, here is another clue… As Kate puts a blanket on Kevin, there is a photo in the background of Kate, Randall and Kevin.

Now let’s talk about the clues with Randall (Sterling K. Brown).  When we meet Randall, his office is throwing him a birthday party for his 36th birthday, and although he is thankful, when his staff leaves he admits to a co-worker that he has found his biological father, but has decided not to meet him.  After work, Randall goes to his daughters’ soccer games, and tells his wife what is going on with his birth father, but says he doesn’t intend to follow up on the information he found out.

Randall ends up pounding on his dad’s door.  Randall’s biological father, William (Ron Cephas Jones) admits that he doesn’t remember much about what happened, but he always had a fascination with fire trucks, so if he were to leave Randall anywhere, it would be the fire station, our third clue!  After exchanging some harsh words, Randall brings his birth father home to meet his wife and kids.

After an awkward evening, William is about to leave and admits to Randall that he is dying.  He is not just sick any more, there is no cure, he is dying.  Randall extends a hand and offers his father to spend the night, which he accepts.  William observes a poster from the show “The Manny”, and written on the poster is something like:  “To my favorite nieces, love Uncle Kevin”.  Another obvious clue.

To end the premiere, we see Jack standing next to a man outside the nursery window.  They chat a little bit and Jack learns that the man he is speaking to is a fireman and he had just brought in a newborn that had been left outside his fire station.  Next scene you see Jack talking to his sobbing wife, in which we can assume they are talking about the third baby who was stillborn.

The last scenes, we see Rebecca and Jack happy at home, with three babies.  Their twins and the little African American boy who was abandoned at birth at the fire station.  This scene should have given fans the “A-HA” moment they were waiting for.  Randall, Kate and Kevin are the triplets raised by Jack and Rebecca.  It will be interesting to see how they all connect together on next week’s episode.

Do you think that Jack and Rebecca are alive somewhere, and will they be in future episodes?  Are Kate and Ken close to Randall?  In the premiere we don’t see them interact at all with each other.  Did you figure out all the clues when you saw the show, or is the big twist a total surprise to you?

Be sure to watch NBC’s This is Us on Tuesday, September 27, 2016 at 10 p.m. ET and check back often for updates, news, rumors and spoilers!

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