Voting For The 43rd Annual Daytime Emmy Pre-Nomination Has Begun

Voting For The 43rd Annual Daytime Emmy Pre-Nomination Has BegunVOTING HAS BEGUN!
As of Monday, January 11, voting for the coveted Daytime Emmy Award will continue through Monday, 25 January, 2016 in order to be ready for the NATAS (National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences) announcement on Wednesday, January 27, 2016 as who will move forward in the “Blue Ribbon Round”.

Categories include the following:

• Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series
• Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series
• Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series
• Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series
• Outstanding Drama Series
• Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series
• Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series
• Outstanding Guest Performer in a Drama Series

(Unfortunately, Jonathan Jackson [Lucky Spencer] will not be allowed in the category as a “Guest Performer”. Nor will Emma Samms [Holly Sutton] or Nathan Parsons [Ethan Lovett] for their brief stints during the last hurrah of Luke and Laura’s adventure prior to Anthony Geary [Luke Spencer]’s final show.)

For the Pre-Nomination round, actors are allowed to choose material from up to 2 episodes, and those choices are not to exceed 4 minutes to be considered for judging. Actors can vote for themselves… but only in the Pre-Nom round.

There has, however, been an exciting major change this year in regard to the Blue-Ribbon round of voting. The actors can now submit appearances from two episodes, not to exceed 20 minutes, in their “reel”. This will give the actor/actress the opportunity to show more variations of/to the character they play and will better showcase their talent.

David Michaels, Senior VP of the Daytime Emmy Awards and Events for NATAS, stated that since he is the only one that has seen the Pre-Noms, “the judges have a real treat in store, because the work is outstanding, and the support from the daytime drama world is overwhelming.”

So, my dears, start looking for those ballots and BE SURE TO VOTE for your favorite actors and actresses… and, of course, for your favorite show!

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  1. Margo says

    Ooops! Typos! The actor from GH is Nathan Parsons and his character was Ethan Lovett. Also the actress Emma Samms played the role of Holly Sutton.

  2. Susan Miller says

    The winner for lead actor in a daytime drama : Billy Miller (Jason Morgan GH ) !

    1. Tori Penndragon says

      Hey Susan! 🙂
      I so hope you’re right about Billy Miller (Jason Morgan (Quartermaine), GH)! I’d love to see him come into his own at this stage of things. He had some BIG, BIG shoes to fill when he took on the part of Jason… right up to the ‘reveal’… just before Sonny & Carly’s wedding.

      He has done a phenom job with bringing back some of our much-loved Jason of old… I must say!

      Thanks for reading! 😀

  3. judy says

    Bryan Craig for Morgan Corinthos great job this year…Jason Thompson for Patrick drake and Brooklyn rae silzer for Emma drake and Billy Miller for making Jason Morgan his own…..everyone did such a great job

  4. Steven Thompson says

    I think Ariane Zucker done the very best as Nichole walker she had me in tears ??? hope Brady as well as Kristen Alfonso

  5. Patricia sessions says

    All the Days actors deserve a Emmy but Nichole and abbygail have one give one to Chad to I’ve watched this show for 49 years I love it say hi for me

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