‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Jealous Nicole Blackmails Rick To Fire Sasha – War Over Zende Kicks Off

'The Bold And The Beautiful' Spoilers: Jealous Nicole Blackmails Rick To Fire Sasha - War Over Zende Kicks Off“The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers reveal that Nicole (Reign Edwards) will be quite envious when she gets updates on Sasha’s (Felisha Cooper) success. Sasha’s continued interaction with Zende (Rome Flynn) certainly isn’t helping either. Rick (Jacob Young) was pleased when he saw the results of Zende’s photo shoot with Sasha. He’ll be thrilled once he sees how well the next one goes. With that in mind, Sasha will be offered an actual modeling position at Forrester Creations.

Of course, Nicole’s jealousy could mess up Sasha’s plans for a long career in fashion. “The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers say Nicole will approach Rick and voice her displeasure with his recent decision. Nicole will remind Rick that she’s carrying his baby so he can have a family with Maya (Karla Mosley). It seems Nicole will pile on some guilt in an effort to get her way.

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Rick knows that Nicole is making a great sacrifice so that he can have a child with the woman he loves. Although he’ll hate to disappoint Sasha, Rick will go along with Nicole’s request. “The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers indicate that Sasha will be stunned when her modeling opportunity suddenly vanishes. Rick will take away the offer as quickly as he gave it. It looks like Sasha will be out of luck.

Sasha will obviously be disappointed by the news that her job fell through. If Sasha finds out that Nicole is the reason for her dashed dreams, she could make her former friend pay the price. B&B rumors hint that Sasha will keep her eye on Zende and she could get bolder about trying to win him over.

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Nicole’s jealous move might incite Sasha’s wrath. Sasha is a woman who goes after what she wants. Big trouble could be brewing if Sasha revs up her pursuit of Zende. They’ve shared plenty of flirtatious moments lately and we’ll likely see a few more in the near future. Stick with the CBS soap to see if a boyfriend theft could soon be in the works.

So B&B fans, what do you think about Nicole asking Rick to take back his offer? Will Sasha flip out if she discovers Nicole is responsible? Will Zende end up falling for Sasha and her seductive ways? Voice your opinion in the comments below and don’t forget to check Soap Opera Spy often for the latest “Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers, rumors, updates and news.

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  1. Laquinta says

    I think Zende should find out and Sasha should step up her game with Zende knowing what really happened. Then she should make it known that she is there sister. Steffy and Liam should get stuck some where and forced to talk then realize it was all a miss understanding and be the power couple they were meant to be. Katie nerds to wake up and realize get husband and sister are still into each other and get with someone else because they will continue to hurt her and get heart may not take it this time.

  2. Jennifer says

    I think Rick should hire Sasha weather Nicole likes it or not, she was good at modeling n business is business. Rick shouldnt allow Nicole’s jealously of Sasha be a factor in his desicion to hire her. Nicole needs to grow up, she made a life changing desicion to have Rick n Maya’s baby, she is not Ricks baby Momma Maya is!!! Nicole is just the egg donor n surrogate, she signed papers giving up all her legal rights to that baby, so the bun is totally Rick n Maya’s. Totally wrong of Nicole to even ask that of Rick n more so using the baby card. She knew Zende didn’t want her to do it n she went and did it anyways, so way should Zende put his life on hold for her. Feel that if n when Zende finds out that Nicole is the reason Sasha didnt get the job, Nicole is gonna loss his trust n him.

    And Liam n Steffy don’t work good together!!! I have always felt this way and always will. Steffy deserves better, there’s always a misunderstanding with Liam. Liam loves Hope, Liam loves Steffy, Liam loves Hope, Liam loves Steffy, Liam loves Hope again, Liam loves Ivy, than Liam loves Steffy again. Run Steffy RUN!!! I think Steffy n Wyatt are hot together, so I hope this Liam n Steffy thing is over so her and Wyatt can get together.

    And leave Bill n Katie alone, they work so well together I love them. This Brooke n Bill thing is so not good. Put Brooke back with Eric or Ridge one even better bring on a new man for her, but please please leave Katie n Bill together.

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