‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers Week Of Nov 7 – 11: The Christian Fallout Begins – Nick Out For Revenge – Nikki Attacks Sharon – Hilary Gets An Explosive Story

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers Week Of Nov 7 - 11: The Christian Fallout Begins - Nick Out For Revenge - Nikki Attacks Sharon - Hilary Gets An Explosive Story‘The Young and the Restless’ weekly spoiler video for November 7-11 leaves nothing to the imagination. Nick Newman [Joshua Morrow] is beyond furious and out for revenge now that he knows Sully is Christian and that Sharon Newman McAvoy [Sharon Case] has known for months.

Nick storms over to Sharon and Dylan McAvoy’s [Steve Burton] and demands the couple turn Christian over to him immediately. Dylan asks Nick what will happen if he says no. Nick replies, “I’m filing charges for kidnapping.” Dylan may finally snap as he walks into an empty nursery, devastated and betrayed.

Meanwhile, Kevin Fisher [Greg Rikaart] confronts Mariah Copeland [Camryn Grimes] telling her, “A story like this is going to come out. It’s not a matter of ifs, it’s a matter of when.” Of course, Hilary Hamilton [Mishael Morgan] is ready to slither in like a snake and cash in on the Newman family misery. She tells Devon Hamilton [Bryton James] she has a story of a lifetime.

Did you think Nikki Newman [Melody Thomas Scott] was going to sit back and let Sharon destroy both of her sons. Oh, no she won’t! Nikki storms over to Sharon’s house and in a fit of rage begins throwing things around and screams that Sharon is selfish, selfish, selfish.

‘Y&R’ spoilers for the week of November 7 through November 11 confirm that Nick is going to get Christian away from Dylan and Sharon and nothing will stand in his way. “This week his patience ends and the fallout begins.”

‘The Young and the Restless’ spoilers remind us that Christian is not Nick’s son. Adam Newman [Justin Hartley] knows Christian is his son after having a secret DNA test performed.

Further ‘Y&R’ spoilers have revealed that Adam should be back for November sweeps. There are scenes Justin Hartley taped in secret before leaving the soap opera for ‘This is Us.’ Will an even bigger reveal leave Nick reeling when he finds out Sage Newman [Kelly Sullivan] slept with Adam and lied to Nick about Christian’s paternity?

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  1. ceecee says

    Nikki is an old hypocrite too…I hope Sharon throws the trashy stripper thing in her face again.

  2. Kathy Dempsey Martino says

    Ok, so if (if if was a skiff…. lol) Adam returns in November, will Chelsea know he’s back and alive? Will he tell her that Chloe tried to kill him? So many story lines. Time for Chloe to fess up. Things should get pretty interesting in GC in November.

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