‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Travis Remains Mysterious – Anti-Billy Is Impressive

The Young and the Restless' Spoilers: Travis Remains Mysterious – Anti-Billy Is ImpressiveVictor (Eric Braeden) seems to genuinely respect Travis (Michael Roark) on ‘The Young and the Restless’. The ‘Moustache’ had a background check conducted on him because a job offer was forthcoming. But, Travis turned down an apparently lucrative professional proposition without even given it a second thought. That, in and off itself is mysterious.

‘Villy’ seems likely to survive regardless of whether Travis agrees to work at Newman Enterprises, or not. Vickie (Amelia Heinle) has chosen the anti-Billy (the actually Billy is played by Jason Thompson), which is impressive on many levels. Some people are never able to resolve, or extract themselves from, dysfunctional relationships. Heinle’s character may have finally done both.

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Travis has quickly become Vickie’s rock. He’s proving to be a calming influence, neutralizes Billy’s presence and, as previously noted, is standing his ground where Victor is concerned. Everyone in Genoa City and soap opera land in general has skeletons. So, it seems likely that some element(s) within Travis’ background will eventually be revealed.

Victor remains fully astute at his advanced maturity level. That last line was written carefully in case the ‘Black Knight’s’ investigators are peering upon this particular page. Viewers should also beware of whatever verbal jabs they offer in Victor’s regard. He has a habit of handling adverse commentary, from wherever its origin.

Leaving all cheeky humor aside, devoted viewers are actually wondering if Travis is actually working for one of Victor’s enemies? Might he be Sharon’s (Sharon Case) brother, or is he connected to some other character who’s currently on, or has previously been on, Y&R?

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These and other questions begin to scratch the speculative surface of a mysterious man. That point also makes one wonder if Victor’s influence has seeped into the mind of this author and viewers across the globe? So, maybe Roark’s likeable character is just a normal guy whose integrity seems suspicious when shown in split screen against many other characters who have appeared on this particular CBS daytime show through the years.

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