‘General Hospital’ POLL: Will Tracy Turn Paul In To The Port Charles Police, Or Cover For Him? VOTE!

'General Hospital' POLL: Should Tracy Turn Paul In To The Port Charles Police? VOTE!General Hospital Spoilers tease that Tracy (Jane Elliott) will discover Paul’s killing secret. Ever since Nurse Sabrina Santiago’s (Teresa Castillo) murder, Paul (Richard Burgi) has been acting increasingly suspicious. Viewers watched as Paul confessed to Tracy impulsively that “he killed her” which of course, Tracy took in the wrong context. Paul obviously was attempting to clean his guilty conscience of what he did to Sabrina but Tracy took his confession not literally but in the sense that he failed to bring the killer to justice before he could strike again.

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Tracy was left puzzled as to why Sabrina’s death hit Paul so hard. She made the comment to her son, Dillion (Palmer Watkins) that she couldn’t understand why he was taking Sabrina’s death so personal as he had never before done as District Attorney. Tracy then jumped to the conclusion that his reaction had something to do with his daughter, Susan. As we saw in the General Hospital episode on September 27th, Paul did pay his daughter a visit and viewers saw that his daughter is alive but not exactly well.

She appeared to be in a very catatonic state and even flinched when her father attempted to show her fatherly affection. It was revealed that Kyle Sloan was just the beginning of his killing sprees and his reasons for committing all the recent GH murders was due to Paul seeking justice for his own daughter by exacting revenge upon all those that he held responsible for her state of mind.

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We also saw that Tracy learned of Paul’s daughter, Susan’s whereabouts and even went to the facility that she was at. Tracy then arrived just in time to overhear Paul confess to being the serial killer by stating to his daughter that “Justice has been served… you can come back now”. Tracy without a doubt was not expecting to learn this about a man she once loved and who is also the father to her son.

General Hospital spoilers revealed that Tracy is in danger, and she may become Paul’s next victim.  But, will Tracy wind up covering for Paul and trying to help him out of this mess?   Should Tracy turn Paul into the PCPD in order to get the hospital re-opened or will she hold onto this secret for Paul and her son’s sake and possibly be empathetic to his emotional state due to his daughter’s mental status? What do you think GH viewers? Let us know!

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