‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Jill Believes Travis Is Another Billy-Boy

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers: Jill Believes Travis Is Another Billy-BoyJill (Jess Walton) thinks she had a revelation on ‘The Young and the Restless’. After hearing Travis (Michael Roark) tell her what really happened to him in New York, Jill’s decided that he’s just another version of Billy-boy (Jason Thompson) and thus the reason for Vickie’s (Amelia Heinle) attraction. However, hope might be ruling her mind in this instance.

Vickie thought that she found a new prince charming. Everyone didn’t just like Travis, they seemed to love him. Everyone except Billy. Of course, her ex-husband’s sniping merely seemed to be jealously spilling over. But, that was before Travis’ reveal came out.

Ashley (Eileen Davidson) knew Travis when both characters were living in the ‘Big Apple’. Their mutual friend Michelle (no actor is currently playing this role) was someone who caught Travis’ eye and vice versa. One thing led to another and they became a couple. The only problem was that Michelle was his bosses wife.

Travis was booted out of a prestigious Wall Street firm and blackballed from working anywhere near where all bulls and bears roam. As of now viewers know that he made his way to Genoa City, bought Hank’s Dive Bar and later, a boat (‘Old Blue Eyes) that he claims to have named after Victoria. Of course, Y&R fans are now wondering what the color of Michelle’s eyes are.

So, Travis confronted Ashley after he received flowers and a note from Michelle. Then, he decided to take control of the information by voluntarily telling Vickie his backstory. She reacted with typical Newman indignation. However, Vickie is still crazy about her new beau and will likely find a way to overcome her exasperation.

Circling back to Billy’s mother as this feature comes to a close: Jill’s unannounced meeting with Victor (Eric Braeden) at Newman Enterprises produced an apparently curious result. The ‘Moustache’ seemed to take Jill’s gossip about Travis in stride. Possibly Victor’s investigators already discovered this juicy tidbit when he had his new hire checked out and he’s been holding the information within his suit coat for future use? With whatever proves true, this character currently projects as a long-term player who isn’t going anywhere.

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