‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Dr. Anderson Pronounced Dead – Patty Returns Reveals Baby Secret To Sage

'The Young And The Restless' Spoilers: Dr. Anderson Pronounced Dead - Patty Returns Reveals Baby Secret To Sage‘The Young and The Restless’ (Y&R) spoilers tease that Patty Williams [Stacy Haiduk] may be a few aces short of a full deck, but that doesn’t mean she’s dumb. Patty is one of the few people around who knows what Dr. Anderson [Elizabeth Bogush] is capable of doing.

Patty knows that Dr. A kept Sharon Newman [Sharon Case] isolated and that she was never pregnant. Patty may have even seen Christian brought in to be handed over to Sharon. Of course Patty is terrified to be sent back to Fairview, but once she’s there, she has a clear mission.

Patty wants to let Sage Newman [Kelly Sullivan] know about the baby mystery. However, will things get out of hand before she can break the news to her? Nick Newman [Joshua Morrow] thinks Patty is a menace and doesn’t want her near Sage.

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But once Nick leaves, Sage will seek out Patty to try and find out what she’s been hinting at when she came to her room saying strange things. Patty will hint around about some of the shenanigans she observed during her tenure at Fairview.

However, once Dr. Anderson sees them chatting, she knows that’s not good and has an upset Patty hauled away. Just as Patty is trying to reveal the baby swap plot to Sage, it looks like Nick and Sharon will figure that Dr. Anderson is Sandra Allen, as Y&R fans have suspected for months now.

They also know that confirms that Dr. A is obsessed with Nick and why she is. Nick and Sharon worry that Sage is in danger and go try and get her out before the stalker shrink hurts her. But when they arrive at Fairview, they are stunned to find that Dr. Anderson has been stabbed and the bad doc is DOA.

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Was Dr.Anderson stabbed over the Sage baby secret? Looks like there is more in Dr. A’s background beyond the hoax dead baby scam and Nick-related drama. This poses more questions like who killed her? Why was she murdered? Is Sage or Patty involved?

What do you think Y&R fans? Who do you think stabbed and killed Dr Anderson? Share your comments below and check back with Soap Opera Spy often for more ‘The Young and The Restless’ spoilers and news.

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  1. Crafteme says

    Love this show, have watch since it came on the air.
    Please keep moving along don’ t drag the story’s out so long keep thinks moving and interesting.

  2. dorothy says

    how can i watch the soaps like Young and Restless, General Hospital , Days of our Lives, and the Bold and Beauty can you tell me please

  3. Doris A. Garrett says

    Sage did not do Dr. Anderson in; I believe that she may have did it to herself. I know that is somewhat of a twist; but maybe she thought I will stab myself and say that either Sage or Patty did it and have them locked up for good and that way she can have her way with both Nick and the rest of GC. Any thoughs. Sage did not do it. The baby that Sharon and Dylan have is not “Sully”; what a stupid name; it is “Christian”; Nick and Sage’s baby and Nick and Sage deserve their “Happy Ever After”~~~In my opinion. But who am I? I have just been watching the show since day one~~~

  4. Gwen says

    Please don’t drag this out give Nick & Sage their baby,ifPatty killed the good Dr.she did it in self defense.please don’t let it take 20 yrs.to give them the baby

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