‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Maxie And Nathan Want To Take Relationship To Next Level – First They Must Reunite Lulu And Dante

'General Hospital' Spoilers: Maxie And Nathan Want To Take Relationship To Next Level - First They Must Reunite Lulu And DanteGeneral Hospital’ (GH) spoilers tease that in coming days, Nathan West [Ryan Paevey] and Maxie Jones [Kirsten Storms] are ready to take a big step in their blossoming relationship, but Lulu Spencer [Emme Rylan] proves to be an obstacle.

Lulu and Rocco are crashing at Maxie’s place, but Nathan and Maxie decide the time has come for them to get more serious and that means they want to cohabitate. Problem is, Maxie’s little apartment is too small for Nathan, Maxie, Lulu and baby.

And no way will Maxie settle for shacking up in Nathan’s little room at Kelly’s. It’s fine to get busy there, but not so great a place to set up housekeeping together. But this is awkward – how do you tell your heartbroken and recently divorced BFF that she needs to pack her crap and go?

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That doesn’t seem like a nice thing to do and certainly Maxie would never give Lulu an ultimatum like that. But what Maxie does love to do is scheme – and this time she drags Nathan in on it and, for once, he may not be opposed to her machinations.

Maxie’s idea is that if she can get Lulu and Dante Falconeri [Dominic Zamprogna] back together, then Lulu can move back in with Dante and Maxie won’t have to feel guilty about evicting her sad bestie and her toddler.

Perfect. Great idea. But how? We all saw how strange things got at The Floating Rib when Lulu, Dante and Valerie Spencer [Brytni Sarpi] were all sharing space. Plus, did they notice that Valerie was turning Dante’s head when Curtis [Donnell Turner] was flirting with her?

Valerie says she’s done with Dante, but is Dante done with Valerie? Will his residual interest in Lulu’s cousin prove a barrier to the plans Nathan and Maxie are making? One thing we know about Maxie is she rarely takes no for an answer.

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And with Valentine’s Day coming up, it seems like a perfect excuse to set Dante and Lulu up and get them to remember their love for one another. But it’s doubtful Dante would show for a set-up date with Lulu and she might think it’s too painful as well – only because it’s still raw.

Can we expect one of Maxie’s silly schemes where she has Dante meet Nathan and Lulu meet her then they run off and leave the two together? Maybe they can find a way to lock them onto the roof of the apartment with a romantic dinner laid out…

No matter what it is, Maxie will try and get them back together so that Lulu isn’t an obstacle to her own romance with Nathan. Will it work? Or will Lulu figure out what Maxie is doing and pack her bags and move to the Haunted Star or out to Wyndemere again?

What do you think GH fans? Will Maxie and Nathan be able to reunite Lulu and Dante? Or does “Lante” need a little more time to let their heartache soothe before they can give it another go? Share your comments below and check back with Soap Opera Spy often for more ‘General Hospital’ spoilers.

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