‘The Young And The Restless’ Poll: Who Was Your Favorite ‘Y&R’ Couple In 2015? Vote Now!


'The Young And The Restless' Poll: Who Was Your Favorite 'Y&R' Couple In 2015? “The Young and the Restless” marriages, divorces, and reconciliations for 2015, complete scorecard is here. Nothing gets more confusing as often as Genoa City residents swap partners on the soap opera. Let’s take a look at our favorite pair ups for the exciting year.

'The Young And The Restless' Poll: Who Was Your Favorite 'Y&R' Couple In 2015?

Sage and Adam

Sage [Kelly Sullivan] and Adam [Justin Hartley] were a vile couple, that seemed to have nothing in common other than their ties to the deceased Gabriel Bingham. Underneath all the hatred for each other, is a respect unlike any other. They have banded together to fight incredible odds, and they can talk about anything to each other, without fear of being judged.

'The Young And The Restless' Poll: Who Was Your Favorite 'Y&R' Couple In 2015?

Nick and Sage

Nick [Joshua Morrow] and Sage met and fell in love after she rescued him from a bear trap. He called her his angel of mercy. Nick swore off women but couldn’t shake the attract he had for Sage. She quickly became pregnant with his child, and they were extremely happy until their son died suddenly in the hospital. His death is tearing them apart.

'The Young And The Restless' Poll: Who Was Your Favorite 'Y&R' Couple In 2015?

Abby and Stitch

Oh boy; this relationship is snooze worthy. Abby [Melissa Ordway] seems to be in love with the idea of being with someone, but doesn’t understand Stitch [Sean Carrigan]at all. One has to wonder how this relationship can last when he’s bedded her mother and her sister?

'The Young And The Restless' Poll: Who Was Your Favorite 'Y&R' Couple In 2015?

Neil and Hilary

Neil [Kristoff St. John] caught ex-wife, Hilary [Mishael Morgan] in bed with his son Devon [Bryton James]. He divorced her, plotted revenge against her and Devon, and changed his ways when she almost died in his care. Currently due to her injury of falling on her honeymoon, she thinks she is married to Neil, and refuses to accept she was ever in love with Devon. It’s a complicated mess.

'The Young And The Restless' Poll: Who Was Your Favorite 'Y&R' Couple In 2015?

Adam and Chelsea

Adam and Chelsea [Melissa Claire Egan] have an electrifying relationship- a love that knows no bounds. The happy couple have faced murder charges, scandals, and multiple scams to dethrone Victor Newman [Eric Braeden]. Their love has triumphed all. Chelsea is starting to realize that Adam may not be telling her everything about Sage, and spoilers tease they are headed for trouble in 2016.

Tell Soap Opera Spy whom one of these are your favored couple of 2015? If not any of these, drop a comment and tell us your favorite couple below.

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  1. Leila says

    Adam & sage could be an amazing couple. A dark , dramatic couple for change.
    I think that they relate at many level.
    They both had a complictated life full of loneliness , they survived by themselves , they both have this dark side which make them do crazy stuff but it’s for good reasons : either to get what they want or protect the people that they love. They’r both loyal.
    I think that Sage understand him in a way that chelsea can. Chelsea is hypocrite and disloyal.
    The woman was ready to spent the rest of her life with the guy who hate her ‘death husband’ , plus she was the one who revealed him to everyone , what kind of wife does that ?!
    Plus she always judge him , she never support him . I’m so sick of Chadam , their lovestory is so fake !!! Adam & sage would be new , fresh , interesting and fun .

  2. Leila says

    Also i think that Adam bring out the real Sage. With nick , it’s like she has to pretend to be somebody else. A copy of sharon. She has to be the sweet , innocent women that he will save.
    But the real Sage is not like that. She’s strong , independant , a bit dark , & tenacious
    I think that she love this idea of having a happy family so that’s why she’s with nick.
    But i don’t think that she experienced Real Love yet but she could with Adam.
    It would be a love based on acceptance , tolerance and support no matter what.
    Adam can’t continu to live with a woman who always judge him . It’s like he have to repress who he really is and that’s not love , that’s control and manipulation.
    Adam & Sage have to happen !! Even if i know that in the writter’s mind , Chadam is endgame , but Adage have to happen and they could be a solide couple for a while.

  3. Angela says

    Sage makes me sick, I’ve never liked her. Even when this actress was on GH, I didn’t like her. Something about her that just rubs me the wrong way. I love Chelsea & Adam together but I also love Dylan & Sharon, I hate what they do to Dylan all the time. This is going to devastate Sharon & Dylan when they find out that Sully isn’t their son but I feel for Dylan since he’s already went through this with Chelsea.

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