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'B&B' Poll: What Was Your Favorite Moment Of 2015?B&B” had an eventful year in 2015- from Maya Avant [Karla Mosely] revealing she is a transgender woman to Caroline [Linsey Godfrey] spilling the tea on her affair with Thomas [Pierson Fode], the year was full of ups and downs. Soap Opera Spy selected some of the best moments of the years, and would like our fans and followers to select your favorite moment.

'B&B' Poll: What Was Your Favorite Moment Of 2015?

  1. Early in 2015, Rick Forrester [Jacob Young] took an ego trip and made quite a few enemies in the process. Rick may seem like a good guy now, but he has had his moments; Rick romanced super model, Maya Avant. The couple professed their love for each other, and constantly tonsil tickled each other in the most inappropriate times. The vile duo was ‘in love’ and didn’t care who knew it. He took down the portrait in his office of Stephanie [Susan Flannery], and replaced it with Maya’s picture. They even went as far as to make Aly [Ashlyn Pearce] message Maya’s feet.
  2. Steffy [Jacqueline MacInnes Wood] earned a mention in the fabulous moment’s countdown when she convinced Liam [Scott Clifton] to leave Ivy Forrester [Ashleigh Brewer] and put the moves on him to secure a relationship with him. Liam and Ivy were married, mainly for immigration concerns for Ivy, and Steffy used that small window to drive a wedge between them. After Liam left Ivy, Steffy claimed Liam as her man.steffy and liam
  3. Aly’s death is one of the biggest moments of the year; Steffy’s guilt for her part in her death made it great TV moments. Care to remember Ivy saying, “murderer.”
  4. Ivy revealed she had a video of Aly’s accident that would prove that Steffy killed her.
  5. Maya’s transgender storyline was an epic soap opera moment.
  6. Bill Spencer [Don Diamont] publicly exposing Maya as a transgender person was definitely a big moment. It earned him a spot in the “B&B” doghouse for a while.'B&B' Poll: What Was Your Favorite Moment Of 2015?
  7. Rick didn’t care that Maya was born a male; he said he was in love with her and wanted to spend him life with her- even though she used to be a male.
  8. Julius Avant, Maya’s father called her a ‘freak show’ during her wedding ceremony.
  9. Rick broke up with Caroline because of her desire to want a child, only to take her back days later.
  10. When Caroline and Ridge [Thorsten Kaye] were apart, Caroline took medication mixed with wine, and ‘accidentally’’ slept with Thomas Forrester.
  11. A few weeks later, Caroline turns up pregnant. She starts to worry if Thomas could be the father and not Rick.
  12. Brooke urges Ridge to be honest with his wife and tell her he had a vasectomy; thus, he cannot have any more children.'B&B' Poll: What Was Your Favorite Moment Of 2015?
  13. Ridge decided with Caroline to keep Thomas’ child from him and raise the child as his baby. They worry Thomas COULD find out that he fathered Caroline’s child.
  14. Thomas had feelings for Caroline and couldn’t believe she fell in love with his much older dad. He tried to scheme how to get her to bed, only to give up after realizing she loved his father.
  15. Brooke [Katherine Kelly Long] drills Ridge about Caroline’s pregnancy. She knew he was sterile and wonders if Ridge is hiding something from her. He eventually tells her to mind her own business.
  16. Rick and Maya asked Nicole to have their baby for them. Nicole [Reign Edwards] thinks long and hard about it, and decided to be her niece or nephew’s surrogate mother.'B&B' Poll: What Was Your Favorite Moment Of 2015?
  17. Zende [Rome Flynn] professed he was not happy about Nicole carrying her sister’s baby, but would stand by her and be there for her.
  18. Julius [Obba Babatunde] and Vivienne [Anna Maria Horsford] Avant relocate to Los Angles to be closer to their daughters: Nicole and Maya.
  19. Brooke and Quinn’s [Rena Sofer] showdown about Deacon Sharpe’s [Sean Kanan] affection.
  20. Steffy saves Ivy’s life after she gets the ‘shock ‘of her life.

Tell Soap Opera Spy what your favorite “B&B” moment of 2015?  What are you most looking forward to going into 2016?

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