‘The Young and the Restless’ POLL: Sage Robbed of Chance at Motherhood, Sharon Dragged Through Mud – Did Shocking Y&R Death Cheat Viewers?

'The Young and the Restless' POLL: Sage Robbed of Chance at Motherhood, Sharon Dragged Through Mud – Did Shocking Y&R Death Cheat Viewers?“The Young and the Restless” made a shocking move this week when Sage (Kelly Sullivan) bit the dust after a horrific car crash. The decision to kill of this character has sent social media into a frenzy. Many Y&R fans are outraged that Sage was robbed of being a mother. She had to go through months of grief after losing her miracle baby. When she finally learned the truth, her life was taken in an instant.

Of course, there’s also the matter of how much time “The Young and the Restless” devoted to showing this character’s growth. When Sage first arrived in town, she wasn’t all that likable. In fact, Sage was downright nasty. She’d certainly done her fair share of shady acts.

However, Y&R slowly put Sage on the road to redemption. She changed. Adam (Justin Hartley) changed. They were in a great place and it would have been interesting to see how the reveal of Christian’s paternity affected them. We were even seeing signs of a possible romance brewing. That may or may not have been a good thing. The point is we’ll never know.

Just like Sage was robbed of being a mother, “The Young and the Restless” viewers were robbed of gripping drama. There was so much story left to tell. We could’ve watched Sharon (Sharon Case) and Sage work through their complicated issues. Perhaps Sage would’ve eventually made peace with Sharon. She could’ve learned to throw the blame on Dr. Anderson (Elizabeth Bogush) where it belongs.

Instead, the big reveal has been reset since only Sharon and Nurse Stephens (Jill Lover) know the truth. We’ll have to go back to waiting and we’ll probably see Sharon dragged through the mud in the process. Even people who weren’t Sage fans are crying foul at the way Sharon is being portrayed in all of this. It’s kind of a lose-lose situation.

Sage’s death provided stunning moments and it left us glued to our screens, but was one shocking episode worth giving up a character for? Bottom line, there was a place for Sage in Genoa City. She could’ve played a crucial role in the fallout of all the Christian revelations. So long, Sage. We hardly knew ye.

So Y&R fans, what do you think about Sage’s alarming exit? Do you feel cheated? Should Sage have stuck around? Are you bummed Sage won’t get to raise her child? Voice your opinion in the comments below and don’t forget to check Soap Opera Spy often for the latest “Young and the Restless” spoilers, rumors, updates and news.

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  1. Thomas Edison says

    no it was her fault for not working with Sharon you don’t just take a baby away all at once like that sage could have handled it better I mean Sharon gave her a lot of time with that baby

    1. ButterflyDiva says

      I agree, Sharon was good to her and helped her more than anyone else. Sage could have let Sharon process everything and she had just found out herself the same day.

      1. Ang Self says

        IKR she was trying to explain, Sage was crazy, it’s ridiculous, I mean before the nurse told her that Sharon didn’t know, I could see that but not afterwards, she could have sat down with her & helped her find a way to break it to Dylan but instead she attacks Sharon, if she hadn’t have reacted that way, everything would be fine.Why was she calling Adam instead of her husband? She’s no saint, I’ve never liked her!!

        1. DoneWithBravo says

          Do we know if Sage called Nicholas before she called Adam??? Maybe she couldn’t get thru to Nick?? They’ll drag this out forever. Sage was patient–she didn’t grab her baby and take him home (when she had every legal right to do just that!!!). Sharon only cared about Dylan’s feelings and had no forethought about Sage’s feelings! Sharon is selfish, delusional and needs to be in therapy and back on meds. It wasn’t fair to take her off of them and leave her without therapy. Dylan should have guided her back into therapy!

          1. Ang Self says

            no she called Adam for some dang reason, doesn’t make sense. Yes Sharon was concerned with Dylan’s feelings but she wouldn’t have reacted that way if Sage hadn’t have come in & attacked her, you call that patience? She was out of control, Sage, not Sharon, Sage came in & saw that Sharon was not in the living room & she did get Christian, it’s just that Sharon came in but Sage was yelling & being way beyond reasonable. I don’t know if she’s off her meds or not. She did care about Sage, before she even knew that Sully was Christian she was letting her spend time with her son so it would make Sage feel a little better. Anyways, we’ll have to agree to disagree cause I love Sharon & have ever since she began the show, I’ve been watching for 40 years.

        2. Billyboy says

          Nor did I. Glad she is gone. Y&R hopefully is cleaning house, if only they get rid of several other, than maybe the fans can ENJOY IT like we once did. I be thankful when i won’t have to fast forward have of the show.

          1. Ang Self says

            me too, she was annoying & I didn’t like her with Nick but if they would have recasted the part, I may have ended up liking her. Kelly plays all her parts the same, I mean Sage was the same as Connie to me, just minus the accent, she’s too one dimensional for me.

    2. Robin says

      I disagree with you. Sharon had no intentions of giving that baby back, and if she would have given that baby to Sage, Sage wouldn’t have been that upset, and she would still be alive. I don’t care what some of have to say, Sharon ONLY thinks about herself. IT IS NOT SAGE”S FAULT!!!

    3. Robin says

      I disagree with you. That baby is NOT Sharon’s. Sharon was WRONG for not giving that baby back to Sage.I don’t care what you and some others say. Sharon ONLY thinks of Sharon!!!

      1. Billyboy says

        A lot of fans are upset with Sharon, and you have your right to your opinion but Y&R was wrong to play Sharon as a mental case to began with. Look what happen to her with Faith and Cassie/Mariah. Y&R are playing mind games with her character, (in this case a baby than Victor had Mariah mess with her mind) To me Y&R is WRONG, SO IT IS ON Y&R. THEY NEED TO FIX THIS PROBLEM and stop playing these type of stories. Is this all they know how to write?

    4. DoneWithBravo says

      Sage DID NOT take Christian away with her as soon as she found out the news. She went off to tell Nick that Christian was alive. She had every right to call the police and take the baby right then and there, but she didn’t. Sharon grabbed him first and knew that Sage wouldn’t want to upset him by pulling him away. Personally, I would have stayed, called the police, called my husband and would NOT have left, but that’s the asinine way that the “writers” wrote this.

    5. Billyboy says

      I do agree, Kelly (Sage) cost me to stop watching scenes with Joshua Morrow whom has been on Y&R for a long time. Now if Y&R will continue to get rid of the others that are making this Soap a Joke. Especially Hunter King so many viewers have complained about her, she CAN NOT ACT, don’t they see this. I am glad Sage is gone, Now get rid of the others. But I do agree that Y&R is doing more damaged to Sharon’s character. She needs to come clean now and do not wait. Sharon did not know that Sully was not hers, she had just found out, she did the right thing about getting the DNA test.

      1. Ang Self says

        yeah I agree she should, it’s not like she won’t get to see him, I mean both brothers are her ex’s & still hold a fondness for her & the fact that her heart would be broken cause she thought she was his. Sorry I have to disagree with you about Summer, I like her, she has annoyed me beyond belief with siding with Victor over her mom, that was just the ultimate betrayal on her part cause I know how I would feel if my daughter did that to me. So I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree about Summer.

  2. Cathy Cardillo Lehman says

    What the hell they could have gotten rid of another character like Hilary and that evil Max, this is so not fair, I want to scream Y&R get you stuff together I will be nice, SO NOT FAIR AT ALL

    1. Carla Wine says

      I so agree so many characters who are not necessary.

    2. DoneWithBravo says

      True! And they keep introducing throw-away characters like the new bartender (in the sleazy bar) and stupid Luca. Ditch them! Hilary is a joke and Max’s character is so very sick. The writers are going down a really pathetically bad path.

  3. Robin says

    I wish the writers would bring Sage back, and say she wasn’t really dead, that she was in a coma. If Kelly had to leave, get someone else to play Sage. This is the worst thing the writers did to all Y&R fans.

  4. Vickie Duncan Marks says

    Another unsolved mystery still exists. Why was Sage at Dehlia’s accident site when she first came into the story. It led viewers to believe there was more to the story about her death and that Sage knew something about it? These writers change things so much that they can’t even keep up with storylines they start.

    1. DoneWithBravo says

      Vickie, we’re not supposed to remember that or be bright enough to bring it up!! The writers are so very juvenile and moronic. They drop hot storylines and expect us to forget them. You are 100% correct!!! Sage had all of the indicators of being somewhat involved (probably with Gabe) in Delia’s death which is why she was at the accident site. It’s probably why she and Gabe went to save Adam (but Gabe died). She had a very dark, bad past. Changing Adam’s face into Gabe was her doing, but she did seem to grow a soft spot for Adam (or was that just a change in the writing???). The writers will never finish pertinent storylines. They’ll just keep throwing more crap at us and expect us not to keep up. I’m so very done……..

      1. Billyboy says

        I hope not, but you are 100% right the way they keep throwing more crap at us. The Winters entire family needs to disappear. They are more African America actresses/actors they could bring some fresh air to Y&R. For instance they need to explore Leslie and her husband, there is a story somewhere involving them.

    2. Billyboy says

      So true, I still believe that Sage not Adam killed Dehlia. I hope she left a something in writing and they found out she was not Saint Sage. Give Sharon a break, Y&R has messed with her character since they had her marry Tucker n Victor.

  5. Sarah Fitzgerald says

    I am going to have to take a break from Y&R. If they wanted to kill someone, why not Hilary? I’m ready for her to return to the coma and never wake up again! Actually, there are quite a few characters they could have killed off.

    1. Billyboy says

      Yes there are quite a few, especially Hunter King (Summer).

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