“The Young And The Restless” News: Sharon Case Shares Photo With Michael Muhney – Hinting Adam Newman Return?

"The Young And The Restless" News: Sharon Case Shares Photo With Michael Muhney - Hinting Adam Newman Return?The Young and the Restless rumors have been teasing that Adam Newman might not be dead after all, despite the fact that the Y&R writers have been telling a different story in interviews.  Since Jill Farren Phelps was fired at The Young and the Restless, fans have been clamoring for the return of Michael Muhney as Adam Newman.  Recently, Michael Muhney shared some cryptic tweets, which got fans even more riled up.

Now Sharon Case seems to be hinting about Michael Muhney’s possible return on Instagram.  The Y&R actress took to Instagram and posted an old photo of herself and Muhney.  Case captioned it, “So many tweets and IG comments lately about#adamnewman#michaelmuhney#shadam. Here is a fun flashback Shadam pic.”

Is she just reminiscing?  Or does this mean there is a chance Muhney could return?  Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Kathleen Knapp says

    If they bring Adam back only to hurt Chelsea & hook up with Crazy Sharon …bummer
    Now if everyone wants this actor back let him be a Cousin of Adam — then he can hook up with anyone! Let Adam RIP

  2. Lala says

    I pray Muhney will return! Unequaled at his job at portraying his finely tuned Adam Newman, flawed, stubborn, loving , great father & hmm yes sexy-:) ! And really without that character the soap has a gaping hole at the center of it. Muhney & Braden were dynamic , regardless of behind scenes gossip. As far as Sally Sussman ‘ bomb drop’ stating ‘ for now no Adam Newman’ I feel she was not advised properly about this . If she & TPTB truly read the fans ( yes , us the ones that keep them on 📺 year after year) needs, wants & critiques ., she would not have sounded so ‘ I don’t really care”… as she really should. @malyoung@ssm1693@michaelmuhney ✌🏼️Peace

  3. Cecil says

    I think that if they bring back Adam it would be better to have Justin Hartley come back as Adam he would be a better fit with Adam

    1. Sally says

      Justin Hartley will NEVER be back. Don’t you watch the new show “THIS IS US?? It’s a major hit. Very good show. Michael Muhney was the best ADAM ever!! Bring him back!!!

      1. Cecil says

        Yes even though he was good at acting as Adam I think that they should bring back justin Hartley because he played the part in a better form

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