‘The Young And The Restless’ Interview: Miles Gaston Villanueva Dishes On Filming ‘Y&R’ Scenes With The Legendary Eric Braeden

'The Young And The Restless' Interview: Miles Gaston Villanueva Dishes On Filming 'Y&R' Scenes With The Legendary Eric Braeden“The Young and the Restless (Y&R)” star, Miles Gaston Villanueva(Luca Santori) explains that when he first learned he would be sharing scenes with the patriarch of the show, Eric Braeden (Victor Newman), he instantaneously felt anxious about it.

Soap Opera Digest reveals that Miles had heard that Eric can be hard to work with at times, and was advised to be on his toes and learn his lines. Villanueva did exactly as suggested and learned his lines backward and forward.

After his first scenes with Braeden, he learned that knowing your lines wasn’t enough to work in harmony with him. Miles revealed that Eric’s approach to the scenes doesn’t make you feel comfortable, but he quickly found out that there was a method behind his madness.

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Miles explained that Braeden knows each character so well, that it is hard to fool him. He knows how Victor will react in each scene, and knows exactly how the writers plan to write each character. Because he knows each character so well, it is extremely hard to shock him, but his advantage is, he can shock you since you are just getting to know your character let alone 30 others.

Villanueva noted the first time he nailed a scene down perfectly; he felt like he might have impressed his colleague. Eric shook his hand, and he thought maybe he earned some type of respect from the seasoned soap opera star. Braeden still gave him a hard time the next season, and even threw in some additional curves-balls.

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“In the next scene, he started speaking Spanish, instead of English. It was a hoot, and definitely threw me off my game,” Miles chuckled.

Miles Gaston Villanueva said that working with Eric Braeden is a rewarding experience. His experience, talent, and passion for the show radiates out of him, and it creates an exciting work environment, every day.

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  1. Darlene says

    What a bunch of crap! I guess you have to have articles like this when your show sucks! This show needs new writers and some cast changes.

  2. MaximumUniverse says

    I’ve never read such BS. Braeden has a bad reputation because he’s an arrogant jerk. This kid is trying to suck up, but it’s all fabrication. Y&R is going to the dogs under Pratt & Phelps. The ratings during May sweeps have been awful. CBS should dump these two twits. Braeden should retire like Tony Geary did.

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