‘The Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Brady and Theresa Get Devastating News

'The Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Brady and Theresa Get Devastating News‘Days Of Our Lives’ Brady (Eric Martsolf) is going to find out the hard way that he should be careful who he helps. Summer (Marie Wilson) is going to prove that to him and Theresa (Jen Lilley) when she goes through with a horrible plan against the couple. Summer kidnaps Brady and Theresa’s son Tate. Brady made the mistake of wanting Summer to leave Salem, but he didn’t expect her to leave town with his son. Summer wanted something to remember Brady by so she decides to take his son with her.

Theresa hasn’t been getting enough sleep lately and when she finally does get some sleep, it takes a toll on her. She sleeps so deeply that she doesn’t hear anyone coming in to the apartment. Brady wakes her up because he can’t find Tate. Theresa doesn’t know where their son is and is worried that someone took him.

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Brady informs John (Drake Hogestyn) that his son is missing and gets his help to find him. John agrees to help Brady and searches all over Salem for his grandson. No one realizes that Summer has Tate with her and is leaving town with him. Does Summer make it out of town safely? Will something happen to the plane on her way out of town?

To make things worse for Theresa, she has to explain why there are drugs in her system. This isn’t a good thing for her because she used to take drugs in the past. Things don’t look too good for her, but luckily Brady is on her side. Unfortunately, she doesn’t return the favor when she turns against him.

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Theresa takes her frustrations out on Brady because of what has happened. Theresa believes that Brady always feeling the need to help people is the reason why their family is torn apart. She believes Summer is the reason why they are suffering. Will this situation cause a rift between Brady and Theresa? Will they discover that Summer has Tate before it’s too late? Will something happen to Tate while he is with Summer?

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  1. Cboo says

    This is not how it went down., she was asleep in the Park when Tate was taken.

  2. Nancy says

    Yes if you want to report a storyline then please be accurate. Theresa was in the park with Tate when Summer took him.

  3. Loretta Gray says

    Someone dosed Theresa and since they do a lot of dtuff off camera I think it was Summer. I also think Victor sent all that money to Summer to kidnap Tate to teach Theresa a lesson. Something tells me he is going to be taught the lesson.

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