‘General Hospital’ Spoilers – Liz and Franco Showdown Over His Criminal Past and Her Terrible Taste in Men – Bad Choices Bond Them

'General Hospital' Spoilers - Liz and Franco Showdown Over His Criminal Past and Her Terrible Taste in Men – Bad Choices Bond ThemGeneral Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that Liz Webber [Rebecca Herbst] and Franco [Roger Howarth] will soon have a showdown that initially seems like it could be fatal to their friendship but that will bring them much closer.

Franco knows a lot about Liz’s personal life since he’s working with her son Jake Webber [Hudson West] for art therapy, knows about the kidney mystery, and also about the weird picture book Liz inherited from Helena Cassadine [Constance Towers].

In coming days, Jake will recover a memory and share it with Franco. This prompts Franco to dig in deeper. We’ll also see Liz defending Franco when it comes to the PCPD’s concerns that he might be involved in the GH serial killer crimes at the hospital where they both work.

But despite their friendship, things will get tense between Liz and Franco soon. Liz will approach Franco and accuse him of prying into her life. Liz still has residual concerns that he might be interested in her and Jake only to annoy Jason Morgan [Billy Miller].

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Plus, Franco did kidnap her son Aiden when he was young so Liz has to deal with that. Franco also just learned his mother Heather Webber [Robin Mattson] is keeping a secret about Liz and was paid handsomely to do so.

Whatever starts the conversation, the important part is that Liz thinks Franco has overstepped and is forcing himself into her life. But Franco won’t take Liz’s criticism lying down. In fact, Franco turns the tables on her and lashes back at Liz about how she treated him.

This turns into a heated showdown where each rips into the other’s ugly pasts. Granted, Franco’s past is murkier since he was a serial killer obsessed with Jason at one point but, let’s face it, Liz doesn’t have the cleanest track record of her own.

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Liz has three different baby daddies and there’s always been a question of who the daddy was – that’s pretty sketchy. Liz also kept the Danny Morgan paternity secret from Jason and kept Jason in the dark about his identity for a long time before he found out that he wasn’t Jake Doe but Jason Morgan.

Liz had Jason 99% of the way down the aisle to bigamy before he found out the truth. Clearly, Liz has little moral high ground to stand on when it comes to shady personal choices. No, she hasn’t gone on a killing spree, but she’s not anyone’s angel.

Also, consider this – Franco had a brain tumor to explain his questionable choices – but what was Liz’s excuse? This confrontation will really clear the air between the two. Both will say things the other doesn’t like but then it’s all out there in the open.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Liz and Franco will realize they might be able to see past their ugly histories and see the best in one another. What starts as an ugly finger-pointing session could turn into the best thing to happen between them (aside from that electric kiss they shared in Liz’s kitchen).

Franco and Liz will have a firm new foundation to take next steps. This is important because General Hospital spoilers reveal the two will head out of Port Charles together soon to investigate some information that Jake reveals to Franco about a young girl he spent time with on Cassadine Island, new character Athena [Jazmyn Skye Vale].

What do you think GH fans? Are you excited to see Franco and Liz air out one another’s dirty laundry in an epic truth-telling session? Are you ready for their romance to kick up a notch now that each acknowledges their dodgy past?

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  1. Sokanon567 says

    I know it’s not the most popular opinion but I think they have a lot of chemistry together and will make a great couple.

    1. Doug Barone says

      Same. They are great together. They are my favorite part of GH right now.

  2. Doug Barone says

    I love Liz and Franco. Their scenes together have been terrific.

  3. @Gina_JerseyCity says

    Liz & Franco’s budding relationship will not sit well with Crazy Nina. Watch your back Liz!

  4. Kevin Pham says

    the most disgusting abomination of relationship ever made in GH it’s demoralizing is sickening it’s incest and it’s low-key demoralization demoralizing the role of LIZ and it’s wrong… there is no reason to AGENDA this situation it’s DISGUST pure disgut..

    and FRANCO belongs with NINA they are soulmate there is nothing these writers can do.. to erase the memory of NINA and FRANCO’s relationship that was a real storyline not this overly abused crap being hammed down our throats just to appease the JASAM fanbase…. we all know the jasam fanbase are the real fans supporting this disgusting relationship just to keep liz away from JASON… i can’t wait till the show kill off SAM.. so these writers can writer a real storyline that doesn’t involve this crap of having a fanbase dictate what is good for this show’s content…

    such bias bull crap.. sick of this crap…

    1. Veteranwatcher says

      I’m a Jasam fan. I think Franco is disgusting. The character should have remained dead. I don’t give a rat’s behind about Liz, but the idea of putting her with a rapist offends me as a woman. For any woman to cheer on this relationship is appalling. The woman who wrote this garbage should be ashamed. I have no interest in seeing this relationship. And don’t blame Jasam fans for this mess, blame the writers. Most Jasam fans couldn’t care less about Liz or who she dates.

  5. BB for GH says

    I didn’t think I was going to be a fan of “Franco/Liz” but I really am. I am loving the way GH are making this pairing REAL…. slow moving, working out all the bugs first, total acceptance of each other & their baggage & total HONESTY !! Great way to redeem both of them & they are electric together. #1 super couple on GH right now for me anyway 🙂

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