‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Wyatt And Liam Go To War Over Steffy – Who Will Win?

'The Bold And The Beautiful' Poll: Wyatt And Liam Go To War Over Steffy – Who Will Win? VOTE! ‘The Bold and The Beautiful’ (B&B) spoilers for reveal that Liam Spencer [Scott Clifton] will NOT bow out gracefully and respect Wyatt Spencer’s [Darin Brooks] marriage to Steffy Forrester [Jacqueline MacInnes Wood]. In fact, Liam will do just the opposite and sparks a war for his woman this week.

Wyatt will make an effort to smooth things over with Liam while making it clear that he and Steffy are in this for the long haul and their marriage is the real deal. But is Wyatt trying to convince Liam – or himself? Wyatt may be worried that Steffy will have second thoughts now that Liam is back.

That’s why Wyatt pressed Steffy on getting their wedding bands tattooed onto their hands. Liam was surprised when he saw the tat on Steffy’s finger but that won’t dissuade him from trying to steal her away from his brother.

Wyatt has to face the fact that he’s combating a lot of history between Steffy and Liam but he sees his love with Steffy as special. After all, Wyatt and Steffy had no idea what was going on with Liam so Wyatt sees the development of his love with Steffy as legitimate.

'The Bold And The Beautiful' Poll: Wyatt And Liam Go To War Over Steffy – Who Will Win? VOTE!

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Even though Liam’s champagne and candlelight evening failed with Steffy, he’s not going to give up. And the more Wyatt tells him to back off and respect his marriage, the more Liam will decide to NOT do that and will keep pressing for Steffy to get back with him.

Another point to consider is whether Wyatt’s insecurities about Steffy will factor into how all this plays out. If Wyatt acts clingy while Liam is wooing Steffy and reminding her of their happy history, will Steffy be swayed towards Liam? Will Wyatt’s desperation dampen Steffy’s affection for him?

It will be Liam that’s the antagonist in the war of the Spencer brothers. Wyatt feels compassionate about what happened to Liam so he’s not willing to play dirty against his brother. But Liam is angry, jealous, and resentful and sees Wyatt is a usurper.

'The Bold And The Beautiful' Poll: Wyatt And Liam Go To War Over Steffy – Who Will Win? VOTE!

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What depths will Liam sink to in his war with Wyatt? Will we soon see Liam go dark in his efforts to win Steffy back? Liam is angry and feels like he’s been cheated. And since Wyatt is Quinn Fuller’s [Rena Sofer] son and she’s the author of Liam’s misery, there’s no telling what Liam might do.

What do you think B&B fans? Who are you rooting for in the war between Wyatt and Liam for Steffy’s heart? Share your comments below and tune in to Soap Opera Spy every day for ‘The Bold and The Beautiful’ spoilers, news and more.

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  1. Tali salman‬‎ says

    I am team Wyatt Liam had a chance with Steffy so many times and it never last Wyatt loves her with out dramas Steffy needs a quite life she did not know what happend to Liam he brok it of with her and then he despeared she did not know if his coming back she marrid Wyatt very quickly so she can”t blame her self for her decision to be with Wyatt.

  2. Deleria Smith says

    Team liam why it’s just like his mom he knew what did so ye should have went and told Steffy so they could also the issue but he didn’t so I’m TEAM LIAM

  3. Mary Buttigieg Grech says

    Wyatt is so desperate! Hes trying to convince himself! But he knows who enginered his marrage for him !and steffy will grow to resent him

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