‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers Monday May 2: Nicole Demands Truth, Sasha Spills Sister Story – Rick Sings Nicole’s Praises, Zende Opens Up

'The Bold And The Beautiful' Spoilers Monday May 2: Nicole Demands Truth, Sasha Spills Sister Story – Rick Sings Nicole’s Praises, Zende Opens Up“The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers for Monday, May 2, tease that Nicole (Reign Edwards) and Sasha (Felisha Cooper) will share some emotional moments. Sasha just dropped the sister bomb and Nicole will demand to know if it’s really true. The news has definitely caught Nicole by surprise.

Sasha will confess that she’s kept this secret for years to appease Julius (Obba Babatunde). She didn’t want to cause trouble for the rest of the Avant family. However, Sasha has always longed to have her dad in her life. Julius just won’t give Sasha the love and attention she deserves.

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“The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers say Sasha will admit she doesn’t have much of a relationship with their father, but she would like to keep what she has. Maybe Sasha will ask Nicole to stay tight-lipped about this revelation. That could prove difficult now that Nicole knows what Julius has kept buried.

Sasha’s confession will undoubtedly change Nicole’s perception of Julius. Can Nicole even look Julius in the eye now that she knows how he’s treated Sasha? Of course, Nicole would probably expect this after the way Julius acted toward Maya (Karla Mosley). This is sure to cause more strife for the Avants, even if it’s hidden under the surface for a while.

Other B&B spoilers indicate that Rick (Jacob Young) will try to get through to Zende (Rome Flynn). Everyone seems to sense the lingering love between Zende and Nicole. Maya, Rick and Vivienne (Anna Maria Horsford) are all wondering if a reunion is possible.

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Rick will try to give Zende a nudge in the right direction by singing Nicole’s praises. He’ll remind Zende of the tremendous gift Nicole is providing. She’s giving Rick and Maya a miracle. Their lives will be changed forever thanks to Nicole’s selfless act. Zende understands, but he’s still struggling. Nicole’s first child will belong to Zende’s uncle. It’s a strange situation for Zende to wrap his head around. He’ll open up to Rick about how he’s feeling.

Rumors hint that there’s hope for Zende and Nicole, but things may become more complicated than they anticipated after the baby’s birth. Speaking of the birth, the Avants and the Forresters will start preparing for the blessed event soon. It won’t be long until Nicole hands over her bundle of joy. Will Nicole find it tough to give up him or her? Stick with the CBS soap for updates on Nicole’s mindset during all of this.

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  1. Richgeana White says

    Just like Sasha to make all this about her yes Julius is an asshole for not acknowledging his daughter with another woman but her coming in deliberately setting out to steal Zende was wrong he was just as wrong as Sasha because he should have told Nicole the truth he couldn’t handle her having a baby with his uncle then of course Sasha knowing Nicole’s condition spring this sister news on her selfishly only thinking about her own selfish needs now Nicole may go into early labor because of her only thinking about herself and if I was Nicole sister or not once he cheated with Sasha it would be totally over especially after finding out she was her sister

    1. Diane Webster says

      I certainly understand how Sasha feels from personal experiences. You always want the love refused you. Don’t judge so harshly till you walk in someone’s shoes.

      The rest of your comment is pretty true. Maya is being selfish asking her young impressionable sister to carry their child. I predict either Nicole will loose the baby OR when the child is born the maternal instincts will kick in and being as young and immature she is will not want to hand that baby over.

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