‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Steffy Moves Out Of Beach House -Quinn Chooses Eric – Wyatt And Steffy’s Headed For Divorce

'The Bold and the Beautiful' Spoilers: Steffy Moves Out Of Beach House -Quinn Chooses Eric – Wyatt And Steffy’s Headed For Divorce

‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ (B&B) spoilers reveal that Quinn [Rena Sofer] is caught between her son Wyatt [Darin Brooks] and her lover Eric [John McCook]. If Quinn wants to salvage Wyatt’s marriage to Steffy [Jacqueline MacInnes Wood] Quinn will be forced to say goodbye to Eric.

Ever since Steffy found out that Quinn is Grandfather Eric’s newest love interest she’s been determined to break up that romance. It’s bad enough Steffy has to put up with Quinn as the mother-in-law from hell, but as also as a possible step-grandmother? No way is that happening.

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Does Quinn want Steffy to stay married to Wyatt? Quinn needs to make a decision – her son’s happiness or her own? Steffy is going to end her marriage to Wyatt if Quinn doesn’t back off and leave Eric alone.

Quinn loves Wyatt but, as always, is looking out for her own best interests. Quinn tells Steffy she’s not going to leave Eric. Once Quinn refuses to bend to Steffy’s demands Wyatt will be forced to step in and beg his mother to help him save his marriage.

Wyatt is torn because this relationship Quinn has with Eric is healthy and solid. Eric is a good guy whom Wyatt respects and he wants Quinn to be happy. But does Wyatt need to sacrifice his own marriage for Quinn’s happiness?

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It seems that’s exactly what Wyatt must do. B&B spoilers reveal that Steffy moves out of the beach house and in with Thomas [Pierson Fode]. Just what Thomas needs, his sister living in the loft as he is pursuing a relationship with Sasha [Felisha Cooper].

Quinn is ultimately going to choose Eric – she knows eventually Wyatt will find come back around. His marriage to Steffy is doomed no matter what Wyatt does. Steffy never stopped loving Liam [Scott Clifton] and she probably never will.

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