‘The Bold and The Beautiful’ News: Ivy Forrester Returns To B&B – More Trouble For Steffy?

'The Bold and The Beautiful' News: Ivy Forrester Returns To B&B - More Trouble For Steffy?We have all seen just how complicated Steffy Forrester’s (Jacqueline Wood) life has been these last few months on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Well it’s about to get a lot more difficult, as the girl from down under returns on Wednesday August 31. Yes, we are talking about the Aussie favorite, Ashleigh Brewer!

According to CBS Soaps In Depth magazine “While Brewer is no doubt thrilled to be back among her B&B pals, don’t expect hatchets to be buried between the Australian beauty and the cousin who did her bodily harm last fall!” Brewer says “I can’t imagine them even sitting down as girlfriends and having a coffee and a laugh.”

So B&B fans it looks like we have a lot more drama heading our way as Ashleigh Brewer returns as Ivy Forrester. When Ivy left town she still had a lot of unresolved baggage with the Spencer brothers, both of whom she has been romantically involved with. So has Steffy as well. So this is bound to stir up problems. Not only does Steffy have Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer) to worry about but now she has Ivy too.

With Steffy struggling with her marriage and not being able to choose which Spencer brother she wants to be with, do you think with Ivy returning it will help sway her decision? It’s gonna be interesting to see which Spencer brother Ivy will wanna stick her claim too.

B&B fans do you think it could be possible that Ivy doesn’t want either Spencer brother? Maybe the time she had away helped her get over them both. If that is the case who would you like to see her with? It would be great if they paired her with someone new.

Ashleigh Brewer fans have been all over social media asking for their favorite aussie gal back and now they are gonna get just that. So B&B viewers are you excited for Ashleigh Brewer’s return? Don’t forget to catch her on screen of “The Bold and the Beautiful” Wednesday August 31.

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  1. Janet Roberts says

    I hope they pair her with Wyatt I loved them together.

  2. john riddle says

    The writing on this show is driving me crazy. Steffy is now acting like Liam, she can’t choose and stick to her choice. The funny thing is now Ivy will be able to do to Steffy what Steffy did to her.
    Ivy and Thomas were hot, maybe they put her with him to drive Caroline crazy.

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