‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Poll: Is This The End Of Bill And Katie – Or Will Katie Forgive Her Husband? Vote Now!

'The Bold And The Beautiful' Poll: Is This The End Of Bill And Katie - Or Will Katie Forgive Her Husband? ‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ spoilers teased that there would be a HUGE falling out when Katie (Heather Tom) caught her sister Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) macking on her husband Bill (Don Diamont) at Spencer Publications.  But, truth be told – no one saw the epic catfight that followed.  It’s safe to say Katie is not happy with her big sis right now, but what about her hubby?

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This isn’t the first time that Brooke Logan has made an attempt to steal Bill Spencer from her sister Katie (technically it’s like the third or fourth) – and she is one hundred percent wrong.  But, lets just be honest – you can’t steal a man that doesn’t want to be stolen.  Brooke is definitely guilty in this situation, but so is Bill!  Notice, he hardly ever shuts down Brooke’s advances, he basically encourages them.  He is scraping the bottom of the morality bucket right along side his sister-in-law.

Is Bill and Brooke’s latest tryst the last straw for Katie?  If history repeats itself, and it usually does on soaps, Bill will develop a sudden conscious and announce he wants to make things right between him and his wife – and Brooke will try to push the couple back together – to save her own relationship with her sister.  But, will Katie mindlessly go along with it again or will she finally put her foot down and kick her husband Bill to the curb?

Bill and Katie were on the fast track to super couple on ‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ – but after this latest incident with Brooke, it’s going to be hard to convince viewers to continue supporting the couple.  The writers will have an impossible job ahead of them trying to make Katie likable again if she doesn’t divorce Bill.  What the general fan base really wants to see is Katie go in to full-fledged revenge mode and stick up for herself – that would mean moving on from Bill Spencer.

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What do you think “B&B” fans?  Are Katie and Bill meant to be – will they get past this latest Brooke situation?  Or would you rather see Katie dump Bill and move on?  Let us know what you think in the poll below and don’t forget to check Soap Opera Spy daily for all of your “The Bold And The Beautiful” spoilers and news.

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  1. Angela says

    Bill totally disgusts me, so does Brooke, Katie deserves better. I feel sorry for his son having a father like him, he’s such a dog! I feel bad for Katie too but she should have known better than to have gone back to him after he crossed that line. I mean geez, how many love of her life’s has Brooke had now, ugh!!

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