Soap Opera Weekly Ratings May 30 – June 3: ‘Y&R’ And ‘B&B’ And ‘DOOL’ Enjoy Ratings Hike – ‘GH’ Ratings Drop

Soap Opera Weekly Ratings May 30 - June 3: ‘Y&R’ And ‘B&B’ And ‘DOOL’ Enjoy Ratings Hike – ‘GH’ Ratings Drop The soap opera weekly ratings for May 30 through June 3 show that ‘The Young and the Restless’ enjoyed a nice hike in its ratings. ‘Days of Our Lives’ saw growth in total viewers and in the women 18-49 demographic.
Good and bad news for ‘The Bold and the Beautiful.’ The soap saw total viewership rise, but dipped down in women 18-29 viewers.

‘General Hospital’ ratings were down across the board. This dip comes after the soap enjoyed a gain in both categories the previous week.

Days of Our Lives

Factoring in that the ‘DOOL’ was preempted on Monday, May 30 and Friday, June 3 for the French Open, the ratings for the week of May 30 through June 3 are much better than expected. With 2,093,000 total viewers, ‘DAYS’ gained 12,000 over the previous week. Women 18-49 also gave the daytime drama a bump in the ratings with 375,000 tuning in. That’s an increase of 30,000 viewers.

General Hospital

After enjoying major gains across the board last week, ‘GH’ ratings were miserable for the week of May 30 through June 3. In total viewers the soap lost 88,000 with 2,798,000 total viewers watching. With 442,000 women 18-49 watching May 30 through June 3 ‘GH’ lost an audience of 41,000.

The Bold and the Beautiful

The soap opera welcomed back total viewers with 3,733,000 watching. However, the total number of women 18-49 dropped to 541,000. That represents a gain in the total viewer category of 28,000 but a loss in the women 18-49 demographic of 9,000. It’s a small loss of viewers, but ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ lost 1,000 viewers in this demographic the previous week and those small losses every week can turn into big losses over time.

The Young and the Restless

Soap Opera Network reports ‘The Young and the Restless’ fans came back to the CBS soap opera the week of May 30 through June 3. Looking at the ratings you see that 4,762,000 total viewers were watching, an increase of 116,000 total viewers. This comes after ‘Y&R’ lost 112,000 viewers the previous week. The soap also regained favor with women 18-49 and 719,000 tuned in and that represents a gain of 37,000 viewers in that demographic.

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