‘Nashville’ Spoilers: Cameron Scoggins Joins Season 5 Cast As Zach Welles

'Nashville' Spoilers: Cameron Scoggins Joins Season 5 Cast As Zach Welles‘Nashville’ spoilers season 5 reveal that Cameron Scoggins has been cast in the recurring role of Zach Welles. The character is a Silicon Valley billionaire who is obsessed with Rayna James [Connie Britton].

Zach Welles is described as a Rayna James self-confident and personable Rayna James super fan. But beneath all the expensive clothed Zach is socially awkward, an outsider, and something of a tech geek.

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‘Nashville’ spoilers for season 5 reveal that Rayna and Zach will connect professionally – at first. Previous reports tease that the billionaire super fan wants to bring Rayna’s music to an entirely new audience. But beware – Zach’s motives may not be professionally driven.

The new guy in town could be out to take over Rayna’s record label or he may be out to drive Deacon [Charles Esten] and Rayna. ‘Nashville’ season 5 spoilers have indicated that Connie Britton plans to return to the drama when it makes its move to CMT, but only for 10 episodes.

Nashies are on the edge of their seats, excited that filming for the fifth season of ‘Nashville’ is finally underway. ABC canceled the drama after its fourth season citing financial reasons. Lionsgate TV quickly inked a deal with CMT and ‘Nashville’ will make its debut Thursday, January 5, 2017 with a two-hour premiere event.

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Cameron Scroggins joins a long list of new cast members added to the fifth season of ‘Nashville.’ Joseph David-Jones has been tapped to portray Clay, a charming and outgoing musician with extreme mood swings.

Another ‘Nashville’ season 5 cast addition is Murray Bartlett [Jakob Fine] who may be a new love interest for Will Lexington [Chris Carmack]. Transgender actress Jen Richards has been cast as a tough but understanding physical therapist that will help Juliette Barnes [Hayden Panettiere] recover following a traumatic plane crash.

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