‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Ridge And Bill Compete For Brooke’s Love –Can R.J. Force Bill Out

‘The Bold and the Beautiful' Spoilers: Ridge And Bill Compete For Brooke’s Love –Can R.J. Force Bill Out‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ spoilers tease that Ridge [Thorsten Kaye] and Brooke [Katherine Kelly Lang] may once again connect romantically. Bill [Don Diamont] could find that he threw away a huge chunk of his  life to Katie [Heather Tom] all for nothing.

If Ridge and Brooke’s son R.J. [Anthony Tupel] has  his way Brooke and Bill will never make it down the aisle. What happened? R.J. didn’t seem to mind at all when Brooke and Bill were planning to marry previously. Is it because R.J. thinks Ridge and Brooke still have feelings for each other?

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There’s no love lost between Bill and Ridge, not after Ridge told Katie exactly how much she could squeeze out of Bill in their divorce. Maybe Ridge isn’t done taking what Bill holds most dear away. Can R.J. steer his parents back together? The young man can certainly exploit Ridge and Brooke’s friendship to his advantage and get Bill out of the picture.

‘B&B’ spoilers suggest that Ridge and Brooke still have a romantic connection and R.J. obviously wants his parents back together. The teenager doesn’t want mom to marry Bill and ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ spoilers suggest R.J. may go out of his way to make sure a Brill marriage never happens.

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Right now Brooke and Ridge’s relationship is about co-parenting R.J. and moving on as friends. As Bill grows more and more impatient because Brooke has taken a step back in consideration of R.J.’s feelings, Ridge could be making strides to win back Brooke’s heart.

Bill and Brooke’s love for each other will always be tainted by the fact that their adulterous affair, not once, but twice, nearly destroyed Katie. It’s possible Bill feels no guilt about cheating on Katie twice with her own sister, but Brooke is another story.

If Brooke decides not to marry Bill there’s always the possibility that Katie can forgive Brooke again. If the Brill relationship falls apart Ridge will be there to comfort Brooke – he always seems to be her knight in shining armor.

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