‘Nashville’ Season 5 Spoilers: Juliette’s Plane Crash Changes Lives – Scarlett Confesses Love To Gunnar- Will And Kevin In Committed Relationship?

'Nashville' Season 5 Spoilers: Juliette’s Plane Crash Changes Lives – Scarlett Confesses Love To Gunnar- Will And Kevin In Committed Relationship?Nashville spoilers for season 5 have been teasing fans for months. What Nashies have been waiting to find out is if Juliette Barnes [Hayden Panettiere] survives the plane crash and reunites with Avery Barkley [Jonathan Jackson]. Juliette surviving the plane crash will change the couple’s lives, and not necessarily for the better.

Other Nashville spoilers for season 5 reveal that Scarlett O’Connor [Clare Bowen] will profess her love to Gunnar Scott [Sam Palladio] but the singer/songwriter may not get the response she expected. At the end of the fourth season of Nashville Gunnar did kiss Scarlett and that obviously aroused old feelings.

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Will Scarlett’s admission come too late? Gunnar and Scarlett have been on the romance merry-go-round before. The last time Gunnar and Scarlett rebounded with Autumn Chase [Alicia Witt]. Fans cannot wait to find out what’s in store for one of their favorite couples.

Another couple fans are rooting for is Avery and Juliette. Previous Nashville season 5 spoilers have revealed that the plane crash will change Juliette’s life forever. The singer and actress was headed home to reunite with Avery and Cadence when her plane crashed.

What impact will this have on Avery and baby Cadence’s lives? Will Juliette be able to return to her family or will she reject them? Things don’t look good for Juliette and Avery.

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Nashville season 5 spoilers state that Nashies shouldn’t get too excited about Will Lexington [Chris Carmack] and Kevin Bicks’ [Kyle Dean Massey] relationship just yet.

After standing up to a homophobic radio host when he publicly kissed Kevin the secret was out. Nashville spoilers tease that Will is comfortable enough with his sexuality that he may decide to push Kevin off to the side and date other men. The temptations that come along with fame may wreak havoc in the couple’s relationship.

As previously reported, Murray Bartlett has joined the cast of Nashville as Jakob Fine. Described as a handsome and successful designer of men’s clothing. Speculation is that Jakob is a possible love interest for Will and there may be a love triangle with Kevin during season 5 of Nashville.

Nashville kicks off its move to CMT on Thursday, January 5 with a 2-hour premiere. Will any of the couples get a happy ending? Charles Esten [Deacon Claybourne] has previously stated that season 5 of Nashville is magical, the music dramas best yet. A happily ever after or two may be part of the magic.

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