‘Nashville’ Spoilers: First Look Season 5 – CMT Promo – Lives Changed, Hearts Broken – Charles Esten Dishes On Deacon And Rayna’s Marriage

‘Nashville’ Spoilers: First Look Season 5 – CMT Promo – Lives Changed, Hearts Broken – Charles Esten Dishes On Deacon And Rayna’s MarriageNashies finally have what they have been waiting for. ‘Nashville’ spoilers include a first look season 5 promo from CMT. Lives will be changed, hearts will be broken. Will Rayna James and Deacon Claybourne be able to weather the storm or has their relationship changed forever?

Rayna [Connie Britton] starts off the ‘Nashville’ spoiler promo for season 5 by saying, “We all break, that’s what makes us human.” A quick peek shows fans Rayna in tears and fans wonder, is the break Rayna speaks about a break-up with Deacon?

Deacon Claybourne appears to be dealing with past demons when he says, “I’ve left a trail of destruction, hurt people I love, let down the people that love me,” as he pulls a bottle of whiskey out of a brown paper bag. Charles Esten recently spoke with E! Online about Deacon and Rayna’s marriage.

“There’s a lot going on, but perhaps not what’s going on the two of us. We’ve come through that rough spot and now we get to see Deacon and Rayna moving forward.” Previous spoilers for ‘Nashville’ season 5 indicate that Connie Britton may appear in only 10 episodes of the country music drama.

But it’s not just Deacon and Rayna who have changed. Juliette Barnes [Hayden Panettiere] has survived a tragic plan crash. ‘Nashville’ spoilers for season 5 hint that Juliette may never be the same. In the first look promo Nashies get a look at how Juliette’s has changed.

An incognito Juliette is accosted by a woman intent on snapping a photo of the singer as she returns to Nashville. “We tape ourselves together so no one can see our flawed hearts,” says Juliette.

It looks as if Juliette’s homecoming will be anything but happy. A quick peek shows us Juliette popping pills which indicates the songstress may have a storyline involving an addiction to prescription medications.

Juliette’s transition back into husband Avery Barker’s life [Jonathan Jackson] and her reunion with her baby girl won’t go smoothly. The ‘Nashville’ first look promo for season five indicates that Juliette will be dishonest and selfish. How will that affect her marriage to Avery and her ability to be a good mother to her little girl?

The ‘Nashville’ season 5 first look promo video from CMT also features Will Lexington [Chris Carmack], Gunnar Scott [Sam Palladio], Scarlett O’Connor [Clare Bowen], all whom are making changes and choices that will affect their lives forever.

CMT’s first look at ‘Nashville’ season 5 promises, “All roads, wrong and right, all choices dark and light lead to one place. The place you’re meant to be…to Nashville.” Get ready Nashies, season 5 joins the CMT family with a 2-hour premiere Thursday, January 5.

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