‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Travis Isn’t The Anti-Billy – Victoria Picked The Wrong Guy

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers: Travis Isn't The Anti-Billy – Victoria Picked The Wrong GuyVickie (Amelia Heinle) chose someone who appeared to be the anti-Billy (Jason Thompson) earlier this year on ‘The Young and the Restless’. But time might be revealing that Travis (Michael Roark) is another, or lesser, version of the man who Vickie still has strong feelings for. Yes, the ex-Mrs. Abbott may have picked the wrong guy.

Billy was never Mr. Right, but he remains Vickie’s soul mate. Plus, the former super couple known as ‘Villy’ does have two children together. And that bond can’t be broken by anyone.

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Despite his appeal to the female population, Travis does have personal warts. He withheld information from Vickie about why he actually left New York. Now that reason has arrived in Genoa City. Michelle (Kelly Frye), who obviously has deep appeal, gained the ability to slay Vickie’s heart through an unexpected encounter with ‘Trilly’ at The Underground.

Travis had two chances to tell Vickie about Michelle this week. First, he could have come clean about his reconnection with his ex-girlfriend at the Genoa City Athletic Club. But he opted not to. Then, later in that same episode, Travis could have introduced his former flame to Victoria. Instead, he pretended as though he didn’t know her.

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While Travis seemed ready to divulge what happened to Victoria at their house, he purposely held his tongue at Nick’s (Joshua Morrow) nightclub. The second choice reinforced a character trait that was previously scored. Travis will coverup when necessary.

Meanwhile, Vickie thinks she’s chosen a better option than her unmanageable ex-husband. Of course Billy has his problems, but he often had his wife’s back as well. Marriage is supposed to be for better or worse, rather than a document with an escape clause.

Vickie and her family are difficult. In fact, she and the Newman clan are often like a tsunami. Billy knew what he was getting into with Victoria and still took the plunge. So maybe he should think twice about taking her back, rather than the reverse.

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  1. Doug Barone says

    I blame the writers. They are purposely trying to make Travis look bad and Billy look like the hero all so they can set up a Billy and Victoria reunion. Travis and Victoria had something really good, but then they had to go ruin it by having him cheat and get a job at Newman.

  2. Cheyenne m. says

    Billy is trash!!!!!! And always will be. I must admit that I too, hate what the y&r writers are doing with Travis’s character. I was rooting for Victoria and travis , but now the writers have taken a different turn with his character, making him a cheater. So now I don’t know what to think. But what I do know is that she needs a much better and suitable man other than billy. Just because a woman and man share children together, doesn’t always mean that they should be together. That’s just a load of crap to me. But that’s just my opinion.

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